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Soldiers appalled over Brooke Bollea's dog tags

brooke_hogan A blog post about Hulk Hogan watching daughter Brooke's Maxim shoot has attracted readers identifying themselves by their rank and file. Brooke's brother Nick was the driver in an accident that seriously injured his friend John Graziano, a Marine who served in Iraq.

What sparked the outpouring amid comments that mostly related to Brooke's appearance? The dog tags hanging from her neck. We don't know whose names are on the tags in the photo.
Still, the outrage led readers to a call to boycott any businesses affiliated with the Hogans.

A reader identifying himself as Bad Karma USMC was the first to note the tags: "As a third generation Marine, that has also completed two tours of Afghanistan, I'm appalled, disgusted that Maxim would publish a picture of this thing wearing I.D. tags belonging to our brother in arms John Graziano."

Spc. Charles W. Perkins joined in calling for the boycott: "In honor of our brother John Graziano and in memory of our fallen brother M. Sgt. Jeff D. Davis. As members of Company D ,2nd. Bat. 5th Special Forces Group .On 7-1-08 shall join any and all against any business venues that associate in public or privately do any business or promote ,recommend or endorse any members of the HOGAN-BOLLEA family."

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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