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St. Petersburg College president wants $684K. Readers ask: Is this a joke?



Kuttler Update: SPC trustees give Kuttler half the money he wanted: Hoping to end months of discord over the pay package for its former president, St. Petersburg College trustees voted today to pay Carl Kuttler $339,500, about half of what he wanted.

Outgoing St. Petersburg College president Carl Kuttler already has been paid more than $306,000 for unused sick time, the college's board of trustees learned Tuesday morning (Dec. 15).


St. Petersburg Times reporter Aaron Sharockman reported this afternoon that St. Petersburg College President Carl Kuttler is requesting he be paid $684,000 from the college upon his retirement Dec. 31.

Kuttler, the school's president since 1978, believes he's owed that much for unused sick and vacation time, among other things, an attorney for the college's board of trustees said Tuesday. The story quickly became one of the most viewed and most discussed on

The college's five trustees voted 3-2 today to delay

a decision until Dec. 15. But readers apparently have already made their minds up about Kuttler's request. Here's a alook at what some readers are saying:

"Great, I can expect my tuition AND books to increase AGAIN. What a freaking joke!" ~ InReality

"This is a joke, isn't it? This could be in the running for the scam of the year if he is able to pull this off." ~ JFreemans

"I have a great idea: Let's not and say we did." ~ JDBeach

"Anywhere I worked, sick days, vacations, sabbaticals and call in dead days... you either use them or lose them."  ~ Citizen

"Perhaps he'd donate all that money back if we agree to rename it Kuttler Kollege." ~ TDiPod

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:00pm]


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