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Stolen from Bubba the Love Sponge: Guns. Credit cards. And fanny pack?



TP_280798_HELL_BUBBA_1 The theft of handguns from shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem's car Wednesday night has readers chatting. The story is the most viewed on the this morning and the most commented, with more than 100 comments posted so far.

Clem reported two handguns and an honorary sheriff's badge taken from his car after a burglary at a St. Petersburg bowling alley. The guns were among six weapons recovered by St. Petersburg police that night after undercover officers arrested three suspects. readers seemed amused by one particular detail in the story: The radio personality, who has a concealed weapons permit, reported the guns were inside a fanny pack.

"Who wears a "fanny pack" anymore! LOL," wrote Susan.

"Bubba and a fanny pack go together like peas and carrots." wrote Milly from Gulfport.

John G. from California commented: "Fannie packs are all the rage... in the 80's."

"Must have been a big fanny pack," wrote New Kid from Pinellas.

John from Tampa had news for all the haters: "There's a wide selection of fanny packs with built in holsters. A question for those of you ridiculing fanny packs: How do you carry YOUR concealed weapon?"

Photo by Ken Helle | Times, 2008

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