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Tampa Bay Rays fans cry foul over fan's catch


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Under the category of Baseball Fan Awareness, subcategory Foul Balls, there is an understanding:

When the visiting team's fielder reaches into the stands to catch a foul pop, the home fans closest to the play are expected to prevent the catch. Conversely, when a Tampa Bay Rays infielder is trying to make a play, fans should get out of the way.

Sunday at Tropicana Field, a Tampa Bay Rays fan forgot his place.

There were two outs in the ninth inning, the Rays leading the Boston Red Sox 5-3, when a fan deflected a potential game-ending popup that was seemingly destined for Evan Longoria's glove. Longoria and pitcher Troy Percival had some "choice words" in the heat of the moment.

The Rays won anyway, but the story has readers debating the finer points of baseball etiquette.

Jude from San Antonio sided with the fan: "The ball was in the stands. It belongs to the fans."

Greg from Winter Haven said he was "glad to see the passion to win that was displayed by Evan Longoria and Percy. I'm sure the fan regrets the outcome."

"Can't say I'm a Longoria or Percival fan anymore," wrote Dawn from New Port Richey. "What crybabies!"

"Percy and Longo need to apologize," wrote Ryan from Tampa. "This is so infuriating. Do we get to scream at Longo with 'choice words' for striking out in the bottom of the 8th? How old is Percy anyway?"

CJ from Lakeland says the Rays should show more gratitude toward fans. "The Rays' have so few fans, they really shouldn't belittle the couple they have."

Your take? Would you have gone for the souvenir?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:52pm]


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