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Thanks to those of you who are among our pioneering registrants.

So far we are having great success with you, our readers, becoming part of our online commenting community through registration. We have hundreds of new registered members using our system.

We have received a few reports of readers having trouble logging in or registering. This feedback has been beneficial as we continue to make improvements.

If you are having problems, e-mail us with a few details on your experience and we’ll contact you to assist.

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Our new commenting system is now in place, requiring readers to register before posting comments. 

We invite you to be among the first members! It will take a just a few minutes of your time, and you will then be able to comment on any story.


On Tuesday, Oct. 20, will introduce a new reader comment system to enhance your experience on our Web site.

Here's how it will work:

  • To post your comments on stories, you will need to register. We'll need your name, a valid e-mail address and your ZIP code. You need to do this only once.
  • Your comments will appear immediately when you post. You will be able to report abusive comments, and we will be able to track them. We hope to keep the conversation vigorous, but civil.
  • If you're not registered, you still will be able to view comments. But we'd like you to join the discussion and be part of the community. We encourage you to share tips, experiences and your reactions to stories and issues.

If you already have registered for HomeTeam, the Lightning Strikes blog, or tb-two, you won't need to register again to post comments.


Here are answers to some questions you may have:

Why is requiring registration?

Many Web sites require registration. This will allow us to better know our readers and react if readers violate our guidelines.

Will you sell my personal information once I register?

No, will not sell names, e-mail addresses or other personal information to any third parties. And be assured, any information you provide us is stored on secure servers. You can find more detailed information on our policies in our privacy policy.

Do I run the risk of being spammed if I register on

  Because we will not provide your information to others, that is unlikely.

How do I know if a comment violates your policy?

We want to encourage vigorous conversation in our online community, and we think we can best accomplish that with basic guidelines. Essentially, we expect readers to treat each other with respect. Comments that are obscene, libelous, abusive or racist violate our guidelines. You can refer to our comment guidelines for our full policy.

What if readers report my comment as abusive and it doesn't violate your guidelines? Will it still be removed? Can I get it reinstated?

Three separate abuse reports from registered members of will lead to removal of a comment. If you think your comment has been removed unfairly, feel free to contact us and we'll review the matter.

What if I still have questions?

You can contact me via e-mail:, Twitter: @karenmcallister, on Facebook, call (727) 893-8919, or share your questions/comments here.

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