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Here is a look at the most searched terms on in 2009. Some on the list were were national topics that were reported by us first (PolitiFact's coverage of Obama's birth certificate), while others happened here (Billy Mays' death, Nick Schuyler surviving at sea) and had great interest beyond the Tampa Bay area.

BirthCertObamaThumb 1. Obama birth certificate: A hot topic throughout the presidential campaign, PolitiFact explored new aspects of the controversy.

2. Obama campaign promises: Politifact rates President Obama's top promises.

3. Glenn Beck loses advertisers: A total of 33 Fox advertisers, including Wal-Mart, CVS Caremark, Clorox and Sprint, were unwilling to advertise on Glenn Beck's show after he called President Barack Obama a racist.

Billymays 4. Billy Mays: Billy Mays, the TV pitchman whose trademark voice helped sell everything from cleaning supplies to baking soda, was found dead June 28 at his Tampa home.

5. Jeff Goldblum: Only hours after news broke about Michael Jackson's death, the Internet was buzzing with a rumor that both Jeff Goldblum had died. (He's still alive, as far as we know.)

6. Nick Schuyler: As three of his friends slipped away, Nick Schuyler clung to an overturned boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

7. Katy Perry nude: he pop star had a plaster mold of her breasts made for, a cancer awareness organization that makes the forms of charitable chests and then auctions them off.

8. Obama joker poster: A doctored image of President Barack Obama stirred a political and racial row in the Tampa Bay area.

9. Lady Gaga naked: Pop Life blogger Sean Daly writes about Lady Gaga and Beyonce being nearly naked in a video.

10. Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard: A photo shows Lance Cpl. Joshua M. Bernard, 21, of New Portland, Maine, after he was fatally wounded in a Taliban ambush.

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