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They're fed up with insurers



Floridians have their pick of pocketbook concerns -- from record gas prices to lack of health care -- but one issue remains a high priority: property insurance, the Times' Steve Bousquet writes in today's Times. High anxiety over rising insurance rates is expected to be a hot-button issue in races for the Legislature  this summer and fall.

"Fed up is an understatement," writes Greg.

"I'm fed up with Florida all together," Jay wrote.

Many readers want the Times to write about more than their anger.

Deep Thought wrote: "When is the Times going to do an invest piece? Not just a story of how p/o'd we are?" 

Chip of Madeira Beach specifically requested senior Times writer Lucy Morgan: "What a sham. All of these jokers ran on the promise of fiscal reform for both insurance and property tax, yet all they've done is let allow rates to spiral out of control. Turn Lucy Morgan loose on legislators to see who has benefitted."

Jeff challenges legislators to act: "All the complaining in the world will do no good. All politicians, not just in Florida, are so far out of touch with the regular constituency. I challenge one politician to come forward and PROVE that he/she is actually doing something good."

How about you? Venting or looking for action?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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