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Times reporter: Why I will be a virgin until I get married




St. Petersburg Times
reporter Arleen Spenceley wrote a first-person piece, " Why I will be a virgin until I'm married," prompting kudos and criticism from readers.

"I've never had sex, and I won't until I'm married. And I'm not alone either," Spenceley wrote. "Chastity is about sifting the selfishness out of us. Demanding respect. Saving sex for marriage. In the words of writer Dawn Eden, author of a book called Thrill of the Chaste, we are rebels. In dating, many of the people we meet move on when they find out about our lifestyle. Others ask how we could possibly stick to it.

"So how don't we do it? We find out where somebody stands before we date them. We let them know what we will and will not do. We say no to wandering hands. We avoid dark, horizontal situations. For some of us, it's 'nothing below the neck'."

Many readers thanked Spenceley for detailing her views and shared their common values.

"My wife and I waited until marriage. Trust me, it was incredible. Who wants a bunch of STDs anyway?" asked Jake from Tampa.

"Thank you for this article," wrote Tori from Nebraska. "There are many opinions but only one truth. Thanks for spreading the truth even when it's difficult for others to fathom or follow. God bless."

Others had their doubts:

Kenneth from St. Petersburg wrote: "What these people fail to realize is that sexual compatibility is something that should be considered before marrying someone. You may end up committing to someone with whom you cannot share a healthy sex relationship with."

"You have no idea what you're missing," wrote Mike from Tampa. "You know nothing about something that you have never done."

Read the story, share your feedback.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:58pm]


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