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Today's hot topics: Fighting stench in St. Petersburg streets, double dipping in Tallahassee



Take a look at which stories our readers are discussing today. Top on the list: St. Pete officials clash with homeless over odor in streets, double dipping in Tallahassee and the Bucs' blackouts.

See the stories and some of the highest-rated reader comments:

1. St. Petersburg using disinfectant to contain downtown street stench

" Many many years ago, while I was in Europe, outside urinals along the downtown sidewalks were pretty common. They were nothing fancy and not much more than a trough, but they were there when the need arose. This is just one more reason why BayWalk and anything else in downtown St. Pete will never be successful. Until people feel they can have a safe and enjoyable evening experience in downtown, they will go elsewhere. " ~ Native44

haridopolos-400_145858a.jpg2. Senate President-to-be Mike Haridopolos hires three new staffers who are double dippers

"Hypocrite of the highest order." ~ DS68754

3. Marco Rubio's personal finances clash with call for fiscal discipline

"I don't see this as a liberal slant at all. I see it it as an intentional withholding of reckless behaviors in an effort to get this creep elected. They might as well held this story until November 3rd. Of course Rubio's a financial disaster, always has been. Too bad you didn't highlight that more vigorously prior to early voting." ~ TerriD

4. In the long run, do TV blackouts help or hurt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

"Bring the prices back down so people can afford it and want to watch a subpar team. Lower prices = more attendance. Charge through the nose and have half a stadium or cut prices in half and have a full stadium." ~ Shot in the Dark

5. Police identify man killed after stumbling in front of pickup truck in St. Petersburg

"And yes, according to another news source, the driver did stop and was cooperative and will not be charged. As he should not be - what are you supposed to do if you are driving along and someone just steps in front of your car?" ~ RTJR

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[Last modified: Friday, October 22, 2010 1:47pm]


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