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Today's hot topics: Panama City shooter, 15 years for driver in Summer Moll crash



Here's a look at today's 5 most discussed stories on Hot topics included a Times editorial on Florida's leaders trying to block the new health care law, the Panama City shooter and sentencing of a DUI driver that killed a Tampa mom.

See the stories and the top-rated comments: 

1. Times editorial: Florida's leaders disregard constituents

"We are paying for everyone's health care without a plan. At least there has been an attempt to help the 'paying' class. To sit back and not participate in developing a plan that takes care of everyone on a 'wellness' plan vs. the Emergency Room plan is short sighted but typical of our current legislators.

"No plan for health care, no plan for jobs, just rhetoric." ~ JumpingJohnny

2. Panama City shooter had Tampa ties

"If I had to bet on which one out of the whole room would try to stop him I would have lost money. I can't believe the little lady taking the minutes of the meeting tried to disarm that guy. That was incredible." ~ Soth

3. Florida's estimated budget shortfall grows to $3.5 billion

"Rank and file state workers (the ones doing all of the grunt work)haven't received even a cost of living raise in over four years. It's all of the politicos, staffers and big wig department/agency heads doing the double/triple dipping and making the big bucks. Pick on them and leave the rank and file little people alone!" ~ Advocacy

summerj_moll.jpg4. Driver gets 15 years in head-on crash that killed Summer Moll's mother

"I have seen where people have received as little as 7 or 8 years for murdering someone and this woman receives 15 years for DUI manslaughter. The scales of justice are out of balance. If she was a beauty queen and was wealthy her punishment would have been much less." ~ K9 Man

5. Florida sidetracks rail, but international builders are all aboard

"Build the rail system. We have to think ahead. Florida's population will double in the next 30-40 years. How will we move people around with constrained roadways which can't be widened much more. As our population grows it will only become more expensive to build alternative modes of transportation we will need for the next 10, 20, and 30 years. We can NOT rely on only automobiles and planes to get around. Trains must be part of a Florida which will keep growing and become much more dense. Have vision!" ~ Tampa605

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[Last modified: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 4:40pm]


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