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Today's hot topics: Teacher tenure, Jim Leavitt sues USF, 7-hour standoff in South Tampa



Teacher_tenure Do you follow comments for amusement or do you jump in and join the discussion? I'd love to know which kinds of stories propel you from casual reader to an active participant on our site.

Take a look at's top 5 most discussed stories today, then share your feedback.

1. Teachers brace for Florida lawmakers' proposal to ditch tenure

"Come up with a plan to get rid of out of control kids who disrupt classrooms, and punish parents who allow their kids to act like hoodlums, and I'll be 100% behind this idea. Hold the parents as well as the teachers responsible, for little Johnny's lack of progress in school." ~ tt

2. Ex-coach Jim Leavitt sues USF

"Why? If you had a contract guaranteeing you millions of dollars wouldn't you fight to get your money?" ~ Bulls

3. South Tampa man exits apartment after seven-hour standoff

"I truly hope this story has a happy ending - may this man get the help he needs!" ~ Doodlebug

4. Gulfport police: Man caught driving without a license for 15th time

"It's not about whether he is a safe driver or not, it's about his refusal to obey the law. Driving is a privilege, not a right and in order to earn the privilege you must follow the rules." ~ Karen2104

5. Four motorcyclists killed in Sumter accident

"Very sad. Should have never happened. I feel bad for their kids, my parents are the same age and I couldnt imagine losing them yet. I hope the driver doesn't get off easy." ~ KennyN

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:03pm]


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