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Today's hot topics: Walmart fight, police officer arrested, prosecutor reassigned



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HT_215326_FOUN_HBERRY28_2 1. Pasco man, 67, fought Walmart and won

"All right, give this man a hand. He made a valid point and was initially treated like a crank. Although it is not clear from reading the story, Walmart should also retract the trespass warning with the local police ...keep them honest. Walmart has about the most sophisticated pricing/inventory methods known, all in effort to separate you from your money and increase profit. they were not forthright with this man....couldn't anybody have picked up a phone and checked with a regional or corporate contact person?" ~ 1flhome

2. Port Richey police officer accused of peddling oxycodone

"I'm also a retired cop and I have to say that there are bad people in all professions. Just because this creep was dirty, doesn't mean that the majority are. After all, not all priests are molesters and not all lawyers are liars. Those of you who are honest, upstanding citizens, become cops, and help us all weed out the bad ones." ~ Doug in Hudson

3. Prosecutor reassigned over bail hearing for murder suspect Craig Wall

"Don't blame his mother for this. How about we blame the bad guy, make him accountable. This is one of the problems in this society, blaming someone else." ~ TaterTot

4. Hillsborough's budget problems could sink cross-bay move by Rays

"Take one year's salary from A-Rod and build 2 or 3 stadiums." ~ Steve13

5. No one injured as small plane crashes in water near Albert Whitted Airport

"Glad no one is hurt. This could've been disastrous." ~ TheOne

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:03pm]


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