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Top 10 favorite user names in's community


February started requiring registration last October, and since then our community has grown to more than 15,500 members. I am grateful to have so many of you engaged in discussions and hot topics on our site. 

I previously wrote about some amusing monikers our members had chosen for themselves. Here I'll highlight some "fans" we have in our community. Of course, we have lots of sports fans -- GatorsFan (and  G8trFan), LightningFan, BoltsFan, RaysFan31, FootballFan, AllSportsFan. Here is a look at 10 other fun fan names in's community:

  • CelebsFan
  • ComicsFan
  • CougarFan
  • DoorsFan
  • FanForFairandBalancedReporting
  • FridgeFan
  • SPTimesFan (thanks!)
  • SuicidalBucsFan
  • UnknownFan
  • WeinerFan

Make sure you've registered to join our discussions, then let me know which creative user name is missing from my list.

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 4:02pm]


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