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Top 10 weekend stories: More Americans riding power chairs, wreck kills pregnant woman



Here's a look at's 10 most popular stories from the weekend. The top stories included a bizarre tale of a fight over Conway Twitty's sexual orientation, the increasing use of power chairs and a crash killing a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

See the stories and some of the top-rated comments from the discussions: 

1. Question about a country singer's sexual orientation leads to a fight

"Obviously, these guys had WAY too much time on their hands!" ~ Nspc

scooter.jpg2. Power chairs: older and fatter Americans are on the move

"Some people have legitimate reasons to own and use a chair. Once you get used to using a chair, your health declines to the point where you have to have and use a chair. Obesity is a disease that is out of control in our country." ~DontTouchMyJunk

3. Sheriff's employee charged with leaving scene of crash

"Would it be too much to demand his firing? Anywhere else it would have been automatic." ~ Sunshiney

4. Wreck kills Clearwater woman, unborn child

"Drove by this right after it happened...made me cry because seeing it I knew some one did not walk away. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involve." ~ JoJo20

5. Grief comes anew to Tampa father who buried a son; this time, a daughter

"The loss of someone so close to you can either make you or break you as a person.. I know this all too well having lost my brother and best friend of 22 years due to a Drunk Driver... I've been where Cherie was and its Hell.. Mr Tomlinson , while you hold Jose, please remind yourself that you still have purpose and you still have part of your daughter in your hands. It can't bring back your Son or Daughter, but it will give you the strength you need to get through this. My Prayers are with you" ~ Leaderoftheband

6. Missing St. Petersburg woman found driving on U.S. 19

"God bless the woman, Ms.Gruber who cared enough to call authorities and follow the missing Ms.Petrovic!! We need more people like that! Ms. Gruber helped to bring Ms.Petrovic home safely to her family. If it were my missing mother, I would say Gruber is a HERO!!!" ~ Jenthedilligentpen

7. Driver ejected from car, dies near Brooksville

8. Agent Scott Boras critical, indirectly, of Tampa Bay Rays' plan to trim payroll

"Nobody holds a gun to an owner's head to sign a player for mega-bucks. Too many teams in small markets and a few monsters with no spending cap make baseball the mess it is today. The players are "worth" whatever they can get. Baseball needs revenue sharing and a salary cap. " ~ TarponFan

9. St. Petersburg man shot in the foot during prescription drug deal

10. Ice cream man jailed for Thanksgiving Day shootings in Ruskin

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[Last modified: Monday, December 6, 2010 1:14pm]


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