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Top 5 most discussed stories: Scientology, failing schools in Tampa Bay



Here's a look at 5 hot topics on from the past week. Coverage of a Scientology lawsuit, atheists taking aim at billboards and FCAT scores are a few of the topics that generated the most comments on our stories in the past week.

a4s_scientology0806.jpg1. Judge dismisses two lawsuits aimed at Scientology

 "I know the mindset quite well. When I was in CofS, I believed that anyone speaking out against CofS, Scn or Hubbard was just -- what was that phrase? Oh yes- just putting forth sour grapes. I ignored the things that happened to me as just isolated occurrences. Then I found out that those things were not rare- they were not one offs. I also personally know people who were coerced into having abortions while in the Sea Org. People do have responsibility for their own actions but the responsibility is shared by those who coerce them. In fact, the lion's share of the responsibility belongs to the latter." ~  Voltaire's Child

2. 3 'F' schools each for Pinellas, Hillsborough, despite superintendents' objections

"A crap teacher can have excellent students, an outstanding teacher can have rotten students. It's not the teacher, it's not the school... it's what happens at home that determines a child's success (in school and in life). This FCAT system is rubbish." ~ Mr. Fabulous

3. 2 Riverview motorcyclists hospitalized after crashing on Howard Frankland

"Very sad that anyone would be concerned for this behavior? Too many police officers lately have been in the line of fire. No one gets paid enough to protect us. People seem to be out of control lately. They are police officers, let them do their job and safely." ~ LauraD

4. Man killed, police dog wounded in another Hernando shootout with deputies

"Irresponsibility seems to be the norm anymore." ~ SpeakYourPiece

5. Atheists take aim at national motto with Tampa-area billboards

"The fact that this group can voice their controversial opinions freely without having fear of recourse is what makes this country special. While I don't agree with their message, I am thankful that they have the right to express it." ~ G_O_A_T

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[Last modified: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 11:38pm]


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