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Top 5 stories: Rubio, Scott win office; Pasco school bans boy's racy backpack



With Election Day behind us, here's a look at which stories were most discussed in the past week. Mostly politics stories, of course, but a couple other hot topics rose to the top, including the fatal DUI case involving a Tampa dentist and the debate over a boy's racy backpack in Pasco.

I've included some of the highest-rated comments from the stories. A special thanks to backpack mom and kermit, who described themselves as the parents of the boy whose backpack was banned. Readers had some harsh words for the parents, and I appreciate their willingness to join the discussion and defend their son.

rick_scott.jpg1. Gov.-elect Rick Scott declares: 'Let's get to work'

"Welcome to Florida. Please check your brain at the door. We like people that are like us, ignorant." ~ Surrealist

2. Marco Rubio elected to U.S. Senate

"Okay, Marco. You're in. Now it's time for you to actually do something for Florida instead of just talk."~ Tannhauser

3. Riverview dentist charged in Harbour Island fatalities posts bail

"The deceased man and woman aren't free on bail, why should he be?" ~ empsnewclozh

backpack.jpg4. Fourth-grader's backpack creates a stir at Pasco school

"That image doesn't belong on the backpack of a fourth-grader. The father needs to teach his boy to abide by the rules, not fight them. He'll be having bigger problems with his son when the boy is a teenager, just wait." ~ Herrrrrr

"I am the mother and he DOES have a mother figure in his life! I do not think there is anything wrong with the backpack, I think there are more important things to worry about in school other than a silly backpack." ~ backpack mom

"Can't explain it, but he really likes his backpack. Has nothing to do with me. When I step in is when I feel my son is being harrassed over something so silly. My son has a right to be different. Are they going to ban Bratz and Betty Boop next? I will fight and I will win." ~ Kermit

5. No clear winner yet in Florida governor's race

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[Last modified: Saturday, November 6, 2010 5:13pm]


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