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Update on Ned the emaciated elephant




Kate Elliott, managing director of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, shares recent photos and an update on Ned the emaciated elephant rescued recently from Tampa.

"Ned went outside for the second day in a row on Tuesday less fearful of leaving his barn. He explored a bit more and rubbed his head on a tree branch. He then saw Billie Sue (one of our female elephant residents) up in the hill playing in the trees and with that, Ned had to head back to the security of his barn. He has come out of the barn a couple of time since and seems to be fairly comfortable.

"Yes, it seems that Ned may in fact be the lucky one. Ned has several male siblings (same father, different mothers); all captive born within a few years of each other. Like Ned, the other four; Roman, Smokey, Beau, and Luke were considered surplus upon birth and sold into the circus industry. Their deprived existence is the result of captive breeding programs falsely touted as conservation efforts for the salvation of wild elephants."

View more photos of Ned at the sanctuary

Watch video of Ned as he arrives at the sanctuary

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:46pm]


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