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Week's top 10 stories: Robbery at Charley's Steakhouse, Rep. Allen Boyd's seat not safe



Here's a look at the top 10 stories on in the past week. See the stories and some of the top-rated comments by readers:

1. Charley's Restaurant robbed at gunpoint, employees tied up

"The only comments posted here should be those praising the officers for their quick response and resolution to this crime." ~ StPetePilot

2. Of all Democrats, U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd should be safe, but he's not

"Take back America? To what time, when we took it from the Indians or when Chenney owned it?" ~ Mikial Lavage

3. Harold Seltzer to reopen two Seltzer's Steakhouses with his name on them

"It's not often you see a business owner trying to make things right to customers that were technically screwed by another company. I'll have to make plans to have dinner there after they open." ~ Perry

4. Woman, two teens arrested at Chuck E. Cheese in Brandon

"I was in a Target last night and there were three people cursing and using the F word just about every other word as they were shopping. You could hear them two departments away. The dumbing down of society continues." ~ empsnewclozh

5. Beachgoers unable to revive overboard kayaker off Honeymoon Island

"None of us are getting out of this world alive, & there's no departing place more beautiful than the waters surrounding Honeymoon Island. Peace be with you Brother" ~ richwrench

6. Two motorcyclists seriously injured in Largo crash

7. Under oath, Rick Scott displays poor memory, penchant for parsing words

"People don't care. He is the equivalent of Tony Howard, the BP CEO, but they still will vote for a crook as long as he doesn't have a D next to his name." ~ JimJangle

8. Times Editorial Board recommendations

"Newspapers have been endorsing candidates for as long as there have been newspapers. If you don't like it, find a paper that shares your views." ~ romica1969

9. IRS special agent sniffs out fraud, delivers justice

10. Head of state buildings pushes back on 'Taj Mahal' courthouse

Here's your chance..Use your vote to replace all of the sitting judges. No excuses." ~ soveryfedup

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[Last modified: Saturday, October 23, 2010 5:26pm]


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