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What readers are saying about Gov. Crist's plans to run for Senate

Crist_senate Gov. Charlie Crist confirmed the worst kept secret in Florida this morning announcing he would run for U.S. Senate. Immediately after Crist's announcement, readers joined a live chat to discuss the news with Times political editor Adam C. Smith. And the discussion has continued throughout the day on and The Buzz.

Here's a look at what readers are saying:

"Charlie hasn't lived up to his campaign promises," Bryan wrote on The Buzz. "I voted for him for governor and I now deeply regret it. I won't be fooled again!"

Dave from Safety Harbor wrote: "I hope the number of votes he gets 'drop like a rock' just like he said our insurance rates would."

"This means he will do nothing over the next 2 years except campaign," wrote Fedup from St. Pete. "Florida is a mess and he should be fixing it instead of running for Senate."

Steve of Fort Myers wrote: "We came here from Pennsylvania where we held our noses and voted for Arlen Specter every 6 years. I fear we may have to do the same again with Charlie with the same results. We'll be helping to send a Democrat in Republican clothes to D.C."

Tracy from Dunedin took issue with Crist's statement that he'll continue to "put the people of Florida first."

"Ha! Has Crist taken a look at Florida's schools?" Tracy asked. "Our children have definitely not been on that list of "people!"

And several readers poked fun at Crist's statement: "For me it's always been about service."

"'It's always been about service' my foot," wrote Skeptical

"For me, it's always been about me." Vinny remarked.

Jim Davis supporter commented: "Iit's ... about service" Right. Self-service is more like it. This is just another stepping stone for Charlie on his way to the White House."

Sadly wrote: "Crist paraphrase: It's always been about ambition."

Your turn: Got an opinion about Crist's announcement? Share your slogan for his campaign.

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:52pm]


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