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What they're saying on 10 quotables of the week



After just a few days of our new commenting system on stories, I'd like to welcome and thank our nearly 1,000 new members.

The registration process seemed to have gone smoothly for most of you. If you are experiencing problems, please e-mail us with specific issues you are having, and we'll help you resolve the problem. 

Some lively discussions took place on stories this week; here are 10 comments that caught our eye.

Sanitation worker killed when car crashes into garbage truck:

Richlew wrote: "I worked for waste management back in the late 80's this type of accident was the crews worst fears."

Wasteworker wrote: "As the wife of a wasteworker this hits home. It could have been my husband. The kids and I pray for him every morning to be safe each day. People do not realize the danger they put other people in when they get in a hurry on the road. Can we just slow down a bit, whatever we are in a hurry for will be there if we arrive five minutes later than we planned. Our prayers go out to the family." 

Florida approves 14.6% hike to Universal Property's homeowners insurance rate

Ace: "NICE....kick 'em when their down. That's the way to build customer loyalty."

VStPete wrote:"Crist, you did a bang-up job getting our insurance under control... sigh."

Birddog asked: "Why is California home insurance LESS than Florida ? They have: Mudslides, earthquakes, wind, rain, etc., but they pay LESS than we do."

Details of Sen. LeMieux's work for oil group remain murky

TarponMarc wrote: "Please say it isn't so! I want to boat, fish and live in the Gulf in bright blue water and white sands until I die. Please don't take that away from us!"

Mr. Fabulous wrote: "You know who we really should thank for this? Mel Martinez. Why, why, why did you have to just up and quit."

Thousands of jobless in Tampa Bay seek relief from child support payments

ICThingsClearly wrote: "@dawgman: Women DO pay! And we know how tough it is because we're doing it all ourselves! Why don't some of these men GROW UP and accept their responsibilities and provide for their children?

MaxTash wrote: "I paid child support for 19 years. I was never late and I sent more money than I was supposed to at times. But, I would have more sympathy for these poor mothers who cry for more and more support when they present receipts proving that 100% of the support money actually went to supporting the child."

Police identify gunshot victim, who walked into Children's Hospital and died

Ladybug1969 wrote: "BTW: I am a single BLACK mother of 3, one in college 2nd year & two soon to go. And I grew up in the HOOD. So I know the struggles but I also know you can rise beyond the negative things going on in the HOOD!"

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:59pm]


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