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What was that in the sky?




Maybe you saw the strange cloud formations Monday morning, too. Several readers and a St. Petersburg Times photographer noticed and captured some great photos.

Jen Stemack submitted the photo above with a note: "I have never seen clouds form such as they have been. Lots of air activitity in St Petersburg especially near MacDill. What is being sprayed on us?"


Jim Sieg shared this photo, calling it a Portugese Man-o-War.


Times photographer Jim Damaske captured this image from Clearwater. He offers an explanation for the cloud formation with help from Charlie Paxton of the National Weather Service Office in Ruskin, who saw the same thing driving into work this morning.

"This forms when cirro-cumulus clouds are affected by airplane exhaust. In this case, aircraft exhaust came in contact with the supercooled cloud around 26,000 feet at a temperature around -11 degrees, causing the liquid to become ice crystal cirrus clouds creating a hole in the cloud."

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