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What would Betsy Ross say about Clearwater ditching flags to save money?



Besty_ross_flag Update: The Clearwater City Council met Monday morning and canceled plans to remove several flagpoles and American flags from city property.


Here's probably the most bizarre casualty of shrinking government budgets we've heard so far: The city of Clearwater says it can no longer afford to fly the American flag.

Clearwater Parks and Recreation Director Keith Dunbar ordered the removal of 13 flagpoles from across the city this week.

"When you have a flagpole, you have certain responsibilities. The flag has to be lit at night, if a flag has a rip in it, it has (to be removed)," Dunbar said. "We don't have the staff to monitor these things anymore."

The story has riled up readers this morning; they're calling the move un-American and asking for Dunbar to be fired.

Which reader comment do you agree with?
Betsy Ross must be rolling over in her grave about now.
The parks and recreation director must be fired.
If removing them saves just one job, it's worth it.
How un-American.
If you need a flag flown at a park, donate it and maintain it yourself.

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[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:55pm]


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