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What Would Jesus Do? Put a crucifixion tag on his car?



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St. Petersburg Times columnist Howard Troxler opines about the state's plan to sell license plates that depict Jesus.

He writes: "Jesus is to be mass-produced, imprinted on metal, given a reflective coat and sold for money. His crown of thorns will lie just beneath the "FLORIDA" across the top of the plate; his outstretched arms will be truncated to the left and right by the tag numbers, so that one does not actually see the cross, the nails, the wounds — no, we would not have that! The words "SUNSHINE STATE" will be stamped across his unscathed, unlashed torso."

Troxler ends his column asking What Would Jesus Do? "Do you think he would want to be mass-produced by Caesar's state, sold for money and displayed on the public streets to gratify an act of pandering political piety?"

And readers responded on and It's Your Times:

"My faith is between me and my Lord and I do not need to advertise it, nor pay for it," wrote Kay  from St. Pete.

Stephanie from Clearwater asks "What is next, the 'Scientologist' plate featuring L. Ron?"

"Where can I get my 'I DO NOT BELIEVE' plate?" asks John from Clearwater.

"f people feel the need to express their religious beliefs on their vehicles why not buy bumper stickers like the rest of the country?" Sgt. Gary Veyera, USAF, (Ret.) of St. Petersburg asked on It's Your Times.

Laura of New Port Richey sees no problem with a Jesus plate: "As long as it's not a plate attacking another religion or belief (including atheism), I don't see a problem. People pay for the plate don't they?"

Jimmy from St. Pete says: "This plate looks perfect to my Catholic eyes. Even if it was the cross-only plate I was going to create a Christ sticker to overlay. It's Christ ON the Cross which reminds us of his sacrifice."

Your thoughts? WWJD?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:51pm]


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