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What are readers getting fired up about? A couple Times stories have generated some early morning outrage:

Hearing sports analysts refer to the No. 1 team as the Tampa Rays annoys some people, other readers say "get over it, St. Pete."

Dean of St. Pete: "Read the hats! KC=Kansas City. NY=New York. TB=Tampa Bay! The Rays did not just play the Kansas Royals any more than they are about to play the New Yankees."

Be correct of Fla.: "Calling the team "tampa" makes me sick. tampa hasn't supported the team; st. pete has. we're the TAMPA BAY RAYS, not the tampa rays. GET IT STRAIGHT PLEASE."

Mac of Spring Hill: It's the Devil making them do it since he was dropped from name "Devil Rays".

Chris of Tampa: "St(epchild) Pete needs to get over itself."

Readers rally around Howard Troxler's demand for a grand jury to investigate St. Petersburg City Council's secret  handling of a $12.7M deal to entice Jabil to stay .

John: "This is how it starts, secrecy is never a good idea. here may be a good case to be made for helping to keep jobs in the area. Doing it in the dark like this leaves all concerned citizens mistrusting politicians. Then we become Russia

Linda: " Another example of why politicians are not trusted."

ctb: " Just gross! & thank you! Mr. Troxler for alerting us about this."

Which stories are making your blood boil today?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:42pm]


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