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Would President Obama say the St. Petersburg Police acted stupidly?



Hotdog_vendor One reader asked that question after St. Petersburg police shut down Joy McGhee's hot dog cart business and served her a $200 fine. Her crime?

Violating City Code Section 16-50.450: Operating a Pushcart during Prohibited Hours.

Unbeknownst to her, McGhee had become a hot dog hoodlum. readers are questioning the priorities of the police department and asking why the city even has such a rule banning late-night vendors. More than 100 readers have chimed in this morning on the issue; here's a look at what they're saying:

"Maybe the officer and Joy can meet with Obama and have a beer and sort this all out," quipped Marty S. from Gulfport.

"Don't the police have enough to do at this hour of the night?" asked John from St. Pete. "They should go after real criminals."

Jim from New Port Richey wrote: "Shootings, stabbings and rampant drugs and prostitution and we are worried about Hot Dog vendors!?"

Mike from St. Petersburg jumped in to defend the officers: "I don't understand the indignation by the commenters: there is a city ordinance, she broke it, she gets fined. You can think the ordinance is stupid, but why get on the SPPD? That's their job. Also, ignorance to the law's existence is not a defense."

Jay from St. Pete asks: "When is the next city council meeting so we can show up and start demanding a change to the ordinance?"

Your thoughts on the hot dog hoodlum?

[Last modified: Monday, May 24, 2010 3:55pm]


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