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Would you pay to go to Fort DeSoto Park?

[Sherman Zent | Times, 2008]

Update from today's Pinellas County Commission meeting: Now they're talking about reducing a proposed new fee to enter Fort De Soto Park from $8 to $5 and backing a $3 fee for regional parks.

But for anyone hoping the fees will keep all parks open, County Administrator Bob LaSala had bad news. His proposed 2011 budget calls for all regional parks to be closed two days a week as a cost-saving measure. Read the developing story.


A proposed entrance fee into Fort De Soto Park is back to life, and bigger than ever.

A proposal to charge $8 per car load to enter the park, nationally popular for its beach, will be discussed by the County Commission on Tuesday. It's now free after paying a separate state toll.

A similar proposal at $5 was canned last year after it generated criticism. readers are offering mixed reviews to the proposal:

"It is a great place and this will help to preserve it. $8 seems a bit high for a starting place, but it is what it is." ~ cpa316

"Guess I will just pay the 50 cents and go to St. Pete Beach." ~ audacity

"I wouldn't object to two or three dollars to get into the park...seems fair enough...but eight" ~ marcos

How would an $8 fee affect you?
I would not go at all.
A fee wouldn't affect my beach plans.
I would not go as often.

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