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Would you support an Arizona-style immigration law in Florida?

Across the state, Floridians are paying close attention as state lawmakers begin to craft a tough, Arizona-style immigration law that would grant law enforcement officials broad authority to act as immigration investigators.

Under the proposed law, criminal suspects and traffic law violators would need to show proof of legal residency if questioned. Insufficient documentation could result in a trip to a local federal detention center.

The federal government sued today to throw out Arizona's law. Still, readers who have commented on our story are showing support for the law.

"Just because America is the world's melting pot does not mean there aren't rules to be followed." ~ tjkimball

"Millions of Americans are jobless, an enormous number of states, counties and cities are operating in a budget deficit, our health care system is severely strained, the federal government is so far in depth, it will never be paid in most of our lifetimes and now we are expected to absorb an additional 12 million people?" ~ blw

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Would you support a tough, Arizona-style immigration law in Florida?
Not sure, need more details.

[Last modified: Wednesday, July 7, 2010 2:00pm]


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