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Last week, St. Petersburg Times writer Andrew Meacham wrote a moving epilogue after ugly comments were posted on a story about hit-run victim Neil Alan Smith. readers praised Meacham for writing about a man who had been a Crab Shack dishwasher for 10 years.

comment_user_32-rev.pngPrompting even more discussion from readers and from a number of bloggers was the topic of cruel comments posted anonymously.

"The fact of the matter is that people can't behave in a civil matter and resort to making horrendous comments they would never associate their name with," wrote StPetePilot in the story's comments.

Huffington Post blogger Jason Linkins linked to Meacham's piece, prompting nearly 400 comments.

"This is so depressing. What in the world is with some of these people who would be so cruel and hideous as to speak so ill of the dead?" wrote Donald on Linkins' blog post. "Is the cloak of anonimity inversely proportional to the level of their own bravery, that they can thereby be inspired to do the very things which would shame their own mothers and grandmothers without fear of embarassment?"'s commenting guidelines lay out our expectations for readers who comment. What are we seeking? We don't require our members to reveal their names, but we'd like readers to share their experiences and opinions as they would if they were face to face with the writer or other readers. Keep in mind who may be reading your comment, possibly a subject's family member or co-worker.

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[Last modified: Monday, October 4, 2010 1:39pm]


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