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You choose: Palin? Biden? Joe Six Pack?



Readers are critiquing last night's vice presidential debate with colorful language. Mac of St. Pete called Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin an "embarrassment to all U.S. citizens." Jimmy of Lakeland called Joe Biden a "liar." PFG of Pinellas was just sick of hearing the terms Maverick, Hockey Moms and Six Pack Joe.

Peggy of Clearwater didn't have harsh words for either candidate but declared the event pointless. "We learned nothing new watching 1½ hours of sparring," she wrote.

Which reader comment do you agree with about the debate?

Neither VP candidate shone last night.
Who is Joe Six Pack?
Palin was embarrassing. She repeated her standard rhetoric for most questions, and generally failed to address the question.
They both did well. How about a Biden/Palin ticket?
Biden did nothing but spew ad agency one liners - same OLD stuff.

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