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Zip ties and pepper spray. Will new rules help boost scores at Gibbs High?



Gibbs Students at F-rated Gibbs High heard some stark new rules this morning.

Cell phone on? Will be confiscated.

Droopy drawers? Will be zip-tied.

Fighting? Expect pepper spray.

Administrators emphasized the changes at student assemblies today, intent on setting a strict new tone for a school that must turn things around soon or face the prospect of state-ordered restructuring.

Several students shared their views in today's story: "It's a whole lot different. It's bad," said 10th-grader Alissa Lingo. "It feels like we're back in elementary school."

James Wiggins, also a sophomore, said: "They need to let us have fun." readers are expressing their views, many applauding the new administration. Tell us which reader comment you agree with.

Disagree with the new get-tough policies? Share your comments below.

A or F grade, these stricter rules are needed at all the schools to eliminate the distractions.
You need to discipline the parents for letting the kids wear the pants to school that way.
Make them wear uniforms with Urkel pants.
Drastic times bring drastic measures.

Photo: Gibbs freshman Carlos Spradley pulls up his pants at the request of principal Kevin Gordon. Scott Keeler | Times

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