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County attorney says Hillsborough can talk to Rays

Hillsborough County can talk to the Tampa Bay Rays about their future stadium plans, but only under certain conditions, according to a lawyer for the county. Read the letter here.

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Video: RNC stage taking shape

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Photo gallery: Antiwarpt and Warped


See photos from Saturday's Antiwarpt music festival, and Sunday's Vans Warped Tour.

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Links from the Times for July 29: Supreme Court ruling

Some local convicted murderers are likely covered by a recent Supreme Court ruling. Click here to see that ruling.

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Photo gallery: Picadilly Circus


The Piccadilly Circus was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds Friday and Saturday. They will perform in Daytona Beach on Sunday.  See photos from the Saturday performance.

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The Thoreau Experiment

When reporter Ben Montgomery set out to walk everywhere as part of a tribute to Henry David Thoreau's Walking essay published in 1862, he also decided to document his journey is this digital journal that you see below. Along the way, he picked up followers and shared his observations in real time.

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Battleground Florida: 5 counties to watch

The first installment of Adam Smith's series on Battleground Florida told how the growing Puerto Rican population near Disney will be critical in picking a president.

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Video: Winner scarfs down 144 chicken wings at Hooters championship

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Latest news on Colorado theater shooting at Batman movie


This AP story says James Holmes sent though the mail a notebook with stick figure drawings and a description of an upcoming attack. 

This is a really good Washington Post story from Brady Dennis, a former Tampa Bay Times staff writer, who told the story of Stephen Barton, the cross-country bicyclist from Connecticut who was injured in the shooting. 

There's fallout for a Wall Street Journal reporter who tweeted what many thought was a crude comment about the attack and the three men killed trying to save their girlfriends. The Huffington Post wrote about it. 

This is really heartening: Because of various efforts, many of the shooting victims won't face horrendous medical bills.

The people who live in James Holmes' apartment building have been allowed to go back home.



We have an interactive graphic comparing styles of assault weapons.

And here's video of Dark Knight Rises star Christina Bale visiting victims in Colordao:


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Video: Man killed in shootout with police

A man died after being shot by a Clearwater police officer. The armed and injured suspect died after barricading himself inside a unit of the Palmetto Park Apartments at 1001 N Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., according to Clearwater police.

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Previous coverage: Hospice harp


James Young, the hospice patient featured in Sunday’s Pasco Times, died Tuesday after his two-year battle with cancer. He was 72. Rabbi Aaron Lever of Gulfside Regional Hospice  visited Young on July 17 to play a Reverie Harp for him and his family. He made several such visits during Young’s time in hospice. That day, after hearing Lever play, Young played his own ukulele, which he hadn’t touched in seven years. Lever visited Young again on Monday, the day before his death. Young had told Lever he wanted to hear the harp in his final moments, so Young’s daughter used her cell phone to record the soothing music. Lever said Young’s family played the recorded harp for him as he died.

Read the previous story:  Harp strings stir memories for a dying Pasco man and his ukelele

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Couple loses round in unpaid-labor suit against Scientology

A couple who claimed they were victims of forced unpaid labor by the Church of Scientology lost the latest round in their lawsuit against the church Tuesday. The three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Marc and Claire Headley voluntarily abided by rules of Sea Organization, a division of Scientology. Read more about the Church of Scientology in this Times Special Report.

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Video: Largo puppeteer arrested in federal kidnapping conspiracy, child porn case


This old clip from a Christian children's television show called Joy Junction features Ronald Brown, who was arrested on conspiracy to kidnap and child pornography charges. Federal officials say he wanted to torture, murder and eat children.


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Video: Hernando sheriff's debate

The Hernando Times, a regional edition of the Tampa Bay Times, hosted a debate between sheriff's candidates Al Nienhuis, the incumbent, and challenger Bobby Sullivan. We captured the debate in this half-hour video.


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Video: International Space Station at night


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