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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Joan Jett and the Wall Streeters pony up for Wall Street-bashing Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson NYC invite

Grayson campaign

Alan Grayson NYC invite

We can't decide which is more interesting: That the great Joan Jett co-hosted a fundraiser for Alan "Don't Give a Damn 'Bout my Bad Reputation' Grayson in New York last week, or that the Aug. 27 reception was also co-hosted by three Wall Streeters on the same day Grayson sent a fundraising email boasting that "Wall Street bankers hate me."

At least three of the listed co-hosts - Avery Byrd, Lawrence Hui, and Mary Namorato - are in the investment business. Grayson, himself a hedge fund operator, has been hammering Democratic U.S. Senate rival patrick Murphy for receiving money from Wall Street, especially Goldman Sachs.

"When it comes to making law in the Senate, do you want Senator Goldman Sachs (D-FL) casting our votes, or do you want Senator Alan Grayson (D-FL) fighting for justice, equality, and peace?," Grayson said in another fundraising email Saturday. "Stop the Wall Street cabal from buying Florida’s U.S. Senate seat with your $3 contribution to our campaign — it’s too important to wait!" …

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Winner and loser of the week in Fla politics

Winner of the week

Rick Scott. A new Quinnipiac poll found 45 percent of Florida voters approve of his performance and 44 percent disapprove. Those are his best numbers since taking office. In today's polarized political environment 45 is the new 55.

Loser of the week

Jeb Bush. With the Bush campaign pressing reset yet again (here and here), his poll numbers falling and not rising, and the candidate exciting almost nobody outside of the GOP establishment,  a worrisome perception of the former governor is setting in: He calls himself the race's "joyful tortoise" but he's starting to look like a weaker version of Mitt Romney.

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The late Tom Slade's unvarnished view of Jeb Bush

From oiur story about Jeb Bush's style of governing:

,,,Darryl Paulson, professor emeritus of government at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, called Bush a "highly successful" governor who was more likely to get his way through strong-arming than persuading Republicans and Democrats to find common ground.

In 2005, Paulson interviewed Tom Slade, the legendary, late Florida GOP chairman, about the history of the Republican Party in Florida. Slade died in 2014, but Paulson provided the Tampa Bay Times with notes from that interview. Slade's descriptions of Bush 10 years ago:



"Uncompromisingly steadfast, without tolerance for any advice."


"Doesn't seek advice well."

"Lacks maturity to be president of the United States."

"Arrogant as hell, but so is George."

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Sizing up the Republican U.S. Senate candidates in Tampa

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday found that about nine in 10 Florida voters did not know enough about the four Republicans running to succeed Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate to have an opinion of them. And probably more than a few people in that poll exaggerated their awareness of Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, defense contractor Todd Wilcox, and U.S. Reps. David Jolly and Ron DeSantis so they could sound better informed.

So we were especially interested in checking out the foursome’s rare joint appearance in Tampa Saturday to see if anyone stood out before a crowd of several hundred activists and gathered for the Republican Party of Florida’s quarterly meeting. Conventional political wisdom has it that northeast Florida’s Ron DeSantis, an Iraq War veteran and alum of Yale and Harvard Law, is the anti-establishment candidate, while Jolly and Lopez-Cantera are vying to emerge as the mainstream conservative alternative. Wilcox, a Special Forces and CIA combat veteran from Orlando, is a political newcomer and wildcard underdog. …

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Miami Rep. Jose Oliva rose rapidly touting 'free market' ideals

Rep. Jose Oliva of Miami Lakes, right, and Rep. Richard Corcoran of Land O’Lakes, huddle on the floor of the Florida House before the end of the regular session but after it was clear that no budget agreement was going to be reached. They are the future leadership of House Republicans.

Scott Keeler | Times

Rep. Jose Oliva of Miami Lakes, right, and Rep. Richard Corcoran of Land O’Lakes, huddle on the floor of the Florida House before the end of the regular session but after it was clear that no budget agreement was going to be reached. They are the future leadership of House Republicans.

Rep. Jose Oliva kept an icy cool as he verbally sparred with Senate counterpart Bill Galvanno over the redistricting map that would force the Legislature's special session to end in stalemate.

As the meeting adjourned Oliva, a Miami Lakes Republican, suggested they might do better to take the meeting to his house, where they could light up a cigar.

The 42-year-old CEO of Miami Lakes-basedOliva Cigar has made ample use of his namesake product as he climbed the political ladder in Tallahassee. He makes his cigars available for fundraisers — like Galvano’s annual charity golf tournament. He uses them to open doors, as he did when he campaigned. And he uses them to build relationships, as he does when he invites legislators to his rented house just blocks from the Capitol in Tallahassee to eat dinner, mingle on the porch, and choose a cigar kept fresh in the humidor.

“What ultimately results is a group of people sharing ideas and understanding each other’s perspective in a very collegial way,” he said, adding that the house bans lobbyists. “It really is a sanctuary.” …

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Bill Nelson 'concerned' with how Clinton campaign handling email controversy; says Biden won't run

Sen. Bill Nelson added to criticism among Democrats of Hillary Clinton's handling of the email controversy, telling a crowd in West Palm Beach today that he is "concerned."

But Nelson, who had encouraged Clinton to run, said she will "overcome" the storm. He also predicted Joe Biden will not run, and scoffed at Rick Scott challenging him in 2018.

“I am concerned because I don’t think her campaign has handled it well,” Nelson said, according to George Bennett of the Palm Beach Post.

“I believe that she is telling us the truth when she, Hillary, says that she did not get classified information. If she did, number one, it wasn’t marked and number two it wasn’t supposed to be coming on her computer anyway. So the fault with that, if it did, is being held with whoever sent it.”

On Biden: “I am a supporter of Hillary’s. I am publicly out there for her and Joe Biden was one of my best friends in the Senate. ... As long as Hillary has not fallen to all of this inquiry, and I think she will overcome this, under those circumstances I don’t think Joe will get into the race. That’s just my personal opinion. …

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Galvano: Counting on Supreme Court to give lawmakers time to reconvene for redistricting

Bill GalvanoAs the afternoon fades on this Friday in August, the Florida Supreme Court has not yet issued a ruling as to how it wants to proceed in the redistricting impasse over the congressional maps.

Senate Redistricting chief Bill Galvano told the Herald/Times he believes the court is prepared to give the Legislature more time to work out differences between the House and Senate, if they can soon agree to reconvene in special session. 

"The door is still open to talk and reconvene, although that hasn’t been agreed to,'' said Galvano, R-Bradenton, in an interview. "There was a misunderstanding that the court was going to order or issue a statement today. The Supreme Court operates on its own time schedule. We still have until Oct. 17."

Meanwhile, Senate President Andy Gardiner on Friday formally requested a meeting with House Speaker Steve Crisafulli to discuss convening another special session to discuss the alternate map offered by Galvano.  Download 8 27 15 Speaker Crisafulli …

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Florida Lottery Secretary O'Connell resigns

Cynthia O'Connell, the under-fire Secretary of the Florida Lottery, has resigned.

Gov. Rick Scott said Friday he has appointed longtime lottery executive Tom Delacenserie as the Interim Secretary.

Scott said in a statement that O'Connell announced her Oct. 1 departure to explore opportunities in the private sector. However, O'Connell and her agency have faced severe criticism over poor financial management and a fraud investigation into recurring payouts. Earlier this week, Politico wrote that O'Connell racked up nearly $30,000 in travel bills and took nine weeks of vacation in 2014 -- roughly 20 percent of all business days -- in a time key staffers in her office were under investigation.

O'Connell, who has an annual salary of $141,000, was appointed to her current post by Scott in 2011. …

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Jeb Bush, the consensus-builder gov?

Jeb Bush says he's the man to fix the partisan gridlock and dysfunction in Washington. It just takes a willingness to find common ground and reach across the aisle to work with people who may often disagree with you.

"I don't assume it's my way or the highway," Florida's former governor recently told a woman who asked at the Iowa State Fair how his style differs from Donald Trump's.

Jeb Bush, consensus-builder? That's not the leadership style most people remember from his eight years as governor.

"His style is my way or the highway," said former Florida House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, a Republican who supported most of Bush's agenda but is undecided for 2016. "The whole time I worked with him, he never listened to me or anybody else in the process. If Mitch McConnell and John Boehner think they're going to have a great relationship with President Jeb Bush, they better watch out."

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Rubio: China 'a growing danger to our national security'

Marco Rubio is giving a speech in North Charleston on China. Here are remarks as prepared for delivery:

Today I’d like to discuss China’s rise in global affairs and what I’ll do as president to ensure it doesn’t undermine American interests. If there were any doubts about the importance of this topic, the financial events of the past week put them to rest.

On Monday, due in large part to a crash in China’s stock market, our own markets suffered their worst day in four years. Insecurity and anxiety about the future – already high for America’s families – climbed even higher.

It was a jarring illustration of how our economy has changed. In the 21st century, what happens across the world can impact American families as much as what happens across town. The affairs of foreign nations are increasingly our business, whether we like it or not, and this is especially true of China.

In this new century, China presents both opportunities and challenges for our people. …

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Jose Oliva: New congressional map from Senate is good but too late

At this time last Friday, House and Senate negotiations over new congressional district maps were falling apart, as the chambers approached a noon deadline without a compromise.

Now, House Redistricting Chairman Jose Oliva, R-Hialeah, says he likes the latest map proposed by Senate Reapportionment Chairman Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, Thursday.

But it's too late.

"If the Senate had offered an amendment like the map filed by Chairman Galvano yesterday afternoon," Oliva wrote in a memo to House members, "that map would have been given serious consideration."

At issue has been the configuration of a district in southern and eastern Hillsborough County, which the Senate pushed for but House members wouldn't agree to, saying it didn't use "consistent" methodology to draw boundaries and could be thrown out by the Supreme Court.

Galvano's latest map addresses other concerns of the Senate (including putting all of Sarasota County within one district) but doesn't create a southern Hillsborough seat. …

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Environmentalists ask judge to divert state surplus to Amendment 1 fund

Environmental groups are asking a Leon County judge to intervene in how the state will spend a large chunk of the $700 million in funds set aside by voters for conservation.

If granted, the injunction, filed Friday by environmental law group Earthjustice on behalf of four nonprofits, would force the state to put more than $200 million from the state budget surplus into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. The state budget, passed by the Legislature in June, uses some of the money in the trust fund to fund existing projects like administration of the Department of Environmental Protection or firefighting by the Department of Agriculture.

Critics say this flies in the face of what three-quarters of voters demanded when they supported Amendment 1 on the ballot in November.

"We're not saying that those things aren't appropriate for funding," said Manley Fuller, president of the Florida Wildlife Federation. "We don't think they're appropriate for Amendment 1 funding."

Environmentalists, including Fuller, want to see the $700 million from the trust fund in this year's budget spent on land acquisition in the interest of conservation. …

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'Alarming' delay in Sunshine Law training for Gov. Scott, Cabinet

A little more "sunshine" in state government is proving tough to accomplish.

It has been nearly six months since Gov. Rick Scott and the three elected Cabinet members agreed that they needed a refresher course in Florida's public records and open meeting laws. They agreed to do it by the end of the year at a public Cabinet meeting but the training has not been scheduled and Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam's office calls the foot-dragging "alarming."

At a meeting of Cabinet aides this week, Putnam's Cabinet aide, Brooke McKnight, raised the issue.

"It's a little alarming when you look at the calendar and we are running out of dates," McKnight told her colleagues. "I thought it was important to bring it up today." …

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Donald Trump keeps pounding 'low-energy' Jeb Bush

A joyful tortoise

A joyful tortoise

Jeb Bush may be the hardest working candidate out there, a constant presence on the town hall and fundraising circuit. This week alone he was in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.

But Bush, the self-styled “joyful tortoise," keeps getting attacked by Donald Trump as “low-energy." Morning Joe Scarborough actually posed it as a serious question today.

“Are you doing that just to provoke him or do you really think the fact that you say he's a low energy would prevent him from being an effective president?” Scarborough asked Trump.

“You know, I like him,” Trump replied. “He's a nice person. He is a low energy person.  There's no question about it. And, you know, I think we need much more than a low energy person right now to put this country back in shape. We need tremendous energy and tremendous smarts and tremendous cunning and all of the things that other countries have.”

Jeb world is supposedly irked by the low-energy stuff and it showed in Bush’s town hall in Pensacola on Wednesday. “We need leadership in Washington, D.C. High-energy leadership,” the former governor said. …

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Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency in every Florida county ahead of Erika

Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency throughout all of Florida after the latest forecasts show Tropical Storm Erika could rip through the middle of the state.

At about 8:45 a.m., Scott announced the order, which puts Bryan Koon, director of the state Division of Emergency Management, in control of emergency response and initiates a number of state laws allowing aid to come in to Florida from the outside in the event that it's needed and for state agencies to react.

The latest forecast by the National Hurricane Center at 8 a.m. Friday says Erika is no longer expected to become a hurricane. However, the tropical storm's path is forecast to go right up the middle of the state. At 2 a.m. Monday, the current forecast shows Erika making landfall in South Florida. At 2 a.m. Tuesday, it could be in the middle of the state, not far from Lakeland.

After a briefing from emergency management staff Thursday, Scott spoke to reporters, urging Floridians to start making preparations now using resources at and to ensure loved ones are prepared as well. You can find more resources online in the Times' Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

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