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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

The 1,959,880 Floridians who could decide the presidency



That's the size of the pool of sporadic Florida voters -- mostly female, almost half African-American and nearly one-third Hispanic -- who are being targeted by canvassers for the Democratic super PAC For Florida’s Future, which has about 200 full-time paid staffers spread across 14 offices in Florida. The group is also targeting nearly 1.5 million sporadic voters to encourage voting by mail.

Here's the full run down from the committee's chief, Ashley Walker:

To:     Interested Members of the Media
From:  Ashley Walker, For Florida’s Future
Re:     For Florida’s Future Voter Mobilization Program
Date:  October 5, 2016
With only a few days left until domestic vote-by-mail ballots begin hitting mail boxes statewide, Florida voters are confronted with a stark choice – keeping America moving forward together with Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Patrick Murphy or allowing the anti- Latino, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ and anti-inclusive voices of the alt-right to take us backwards through the Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Marco Rubio bigot ticket. That is why For Florida’s Future, the state chapter of For Our Future, is conducting an aggressive voter contact program at voter’s doors, on voter’s phones, in their mailboxes, on their computer’s and in the traditional media.
For Florida’s Future and allied organizations are talking with voters about what is at stake in this election and how their vote can be cast through vote-by-mail, Early Vote or on Election Day. With more than 180 staff in 14 offices, For Florida’s Future is implementing a statewide voter contact program with paid communication and a comprehensive field effort with boots-on-the-ground. Targeting sporadic general election voters statewide for mobilization efforts, the target universe (1,959,880 total voters) is 45% African-American, 31% Latino, 22% Caucasian and 2% Asian. The universe skews female at 60% and 45% are under 35 years of age.
In the field, our on-the-ground voter contact canvassing program is focused on 994,628 targeted voters (567,839 households) in the Alachua, Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Leon, Miami-Dade, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Polk, Seminole, St. Lucie and Volusia counties. These voters will not only be a part of our paid communication program through digital and mail, but the For Florida’s Future team will be going door-to-door to have personal conversations about what’s at stake, how these voters can turn out to vote and what is needed to vote.
Voters in For Florida’s Future canvass universe will receive four passes at their door, including one full pass for vote-by-mail, one during the early voting period and a final pass during the final four days of the campaign. A total of 841,935 door knocks have already taken place out of a total of the 2,104,640 that will take place by Election Day. Supplementing the canvass program will be an aggressive digital push as well as direct mail, earned media support and contact via phone.
Vote by Mail
With so much at stake this election cycle, Floridians can easily have their voice heard by casting a vote-by-mail ballot. For Florida’s Future will have an extensive vote-by-mail (VBM) program aimed at getting sporadic voters signed up to receive a ballot directly to their home.
For Florida’s Future’s program targets 1,483,312 sporadic base voters across all 67 counties. Each targeted voter will receive an inline mail piece that is geared towards generating vote-by-mail applications. This piece represents a substantial commitment for both this election and the 2018 election in Florida as every voter who completes an application will be automatically enrolled for this election cycle and the next.
The mail program will be supported by a paid phone and digital program which will help maximize the number of applications submitted. Additionally, all For Florida’s Future canvassing efforts will include VBM asks at the doors in our targeted counties.
Early Vote
How voting can bring change and has led to positive outcomes for communities is central to the messaging of For Florida’s Future Early Vote program for the 1.1 million sporadic base voter universe. In addition to a full canvass pass, these voters will receive two mail pieces along with paid phones delivering an early vote push. There will also be a two-week digital push to round out the traditional and social media actions going on around the state.
College Campus Program
Connecting millennial voters to issues, what is at stake and how the choice of candidate matters are two central keys to our campus engagement work. For Florida’s Future is making a significant investment in campus programs at the University of Florida, Florida State University, Florida A&M University, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Bethune-Cookman University and Miami-Dade College. On these nine campuses, For Florida’s Future campus organizers are focused every day on voter registration projects and student engagement both directly and with other progressive campus organizations. Following the voter registration deadline, campus teams will transition to an Early Vote program, including a campus shuttle program, to ensure students are fully thinking through and executing a voting plan that works for their schedules.
For Florida’s Future is committed to mobilizing and empowering people and community- based organizations to drive real change and advance our shared agenda. Fundamental to our core are progressive values, like creating shared economic prosperity, building strong public schools, addressing climate change and supporting racial justice. To learn more, visit or follow @ForOurFutureFL.

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 9:46am]


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