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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Balloon boy family makes video supporting Donald Trump



So Florida. So Trumpian. So 2016. Andrew Meacham reports:

The family, once at the center of the most notorious hoax in recent history, on Thursday uploaded an original song and video supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The Heenes were stamped onto the national consciousness nearly seven years ago, when they lived in Colorado. Anyone within earshot of a television Oct. 15, 2009, remembers the footage of a lonely mylar weather balloon, shot from trailing helicopters at 7,000 feet. A nation watched in horror, fearing a 6-year-old boy was trapped inside.   

Falcon Heene, it turned out, was actually hiding in the garage. His father Richard served jail time for the stunt, which he said was a misunderstanding and detractors said he had created in order to land a reality show. The family moved to Spring Hill, where the parents homeschooled Bradford, now 16; Ryo, 15; and Falcon, 13. They recently moved again to Marion County, where they continue to rehearse and promote their music, and work on remodeling projects. The construction work is part of the reason they have gotten excited about Trump, their father said.  

"I would have to say that his slogan, 'Make America great again,' he really believes that to a T," said Heene, 54. "As a businessman, he has got to deal with people on a business level, not greasing his palms doing favors."

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