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Beverly Young responds to Tampa Bay Times story

Beverly Young took to social media to respond to a recent Tampa Bay Times story.

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Beverly Young took to social media to respond to a recent Tampa Bay Times story.



Beverly Young, the widow of the late U.S. Rep. CW Bill Young, on Facebook yesterday reacted to a recent Tampa Bay Times story that focused on Young's family prior to his marriage to Beverly Young. She wrote:

to my friends.
Its been almost three months since Bill died and the St. pete Times has decided to tell a story about Bills first wife, a woman he divorced 32 years ago and tell the story the way they see it, without my being able to correct their lies. they are doing this because Bills congressional seat is available and they want Alex Sink, a Democrat to have the seat. By the way, this woman, Alex Sink is also a widow and you would think she would have the class to understand the words "death and grieving" since she should have done it herself and tell her promoters to leave the Dead alone. Their Mode of Operation is to disparage Bills impeccable reputation in the hopes it will make the readers believe that Bill was the person they want him to be. It is so unfair. the actually quoted his 63 year old son as saying "My father would never have done what Beverly did". He hasn't seen his father, only in passing twice in 30 years but he feels he can pretend to know Bill Young. He knows nothing of Bill Young. These attacks on our family started immediately after Bills death and have not, and probably will not stop. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to them at 5:00 am this morning.

To the Editor of the Tampa Bay Times:
I do understand the importance of keeping the public updated on current events.
What I don’t understand is from the day my husband, Bill Young, was buried your newspaper has been suggesting horrible things about Bill and our family. You went to all the trouble to interview a family who has had almost no contact at all with Bill. You took that family from 33 years ago and tried to destroy Bills family of 30 years. You interviewed a biological child who has no idea who Bill Young is, as he has not been a part of Bills life in 30 years. You showed pictures of a happy family, what you forgot to do is tell the public that I wasn’t even born when some of those pictures were taken. So many of the things Mr. Meacham reported were lies. Why would he report lies? Because he wanted to make our love and marriage look like it was a bad thing. The problem here is, Bill is dead. No matter what you write, you can’t take the love we had for each other away. Why do you feel it is necessary to disparage his reputation when he can’t defend himself? We had a beautiful, loving, romantic, honest marriage. We never separated once and we always told each other “I love you” every night. The only crime from your perspective is that we fell in love. Anyone should be lucky to commit that type of crime.
I was not Bills secretary when we had our son. I was working on the Health and Human Services Subcommittee for Congressman Bill Natcher. Mr .Meacham was wrong again, He did a poor job at investigating and also at telling the truth. He was very one sided. Bill and I had been together for two years while Bill was separated, yes, living apart from his wife when we had our son. Would you have preferred we had an abortion? Not Mr. Meachams choice. Mine and Bills, and Mr. Meacham had no right to tell me what to do with my body. Bill and I chose Life. Our Choice. We were ecstatic over starting a family. Divorce is not a rare thing in America. It happens all the time. Why after Bill was divorced 30 years was that such an important thing to your paper? POLITICS. But here is the sad, true facts about that. Maybe Mr. Meacham would like to report the truth this time. You went after a really stupid, outdated story because you want to get your opponent, Alex Sink elected. That’s your choice, but why do you think it is o.k. to attempt to destroy the reputation of an honest, good, loving, hard working man who saved thousands of lives through the Bone Marrow Registry and many other projects he completed in his professional career. Ms. Sinks’ husband is deceased also. Have you picked through his entire life to see if he did something you didn’t like and start attacking him? Of course you didn’t. and You shouldn’t. The fact that Alex Sink is a widow disgusts me that she can’t show an ounce of compassion for what I and my family are going through at this time, but instead, she has chosen to participate in these hateful attacks on Bill to attempt to hurt the Republican Party. What does the republican party have to do with our marriage or anyones marriage for that fact. What kind of person does it tell you she is to even go along with your mode of operation. Bill would never have tolerated someone attacking a grieving widow and children. He had too much class and compassion for that.
No, sir, my family is not torn over politics. All of us have different political opinions and that was fine with Bill and I. Our children were raised to make choices, not have choices forced down their throats by the media. Billy and I didn’t speak for almost 2 months. That is the one thing that was reported truthfully. When your reporter reported that I told my son that he had broken my heart and I will never forgive him, he was eavesdropping. it had nothing to do with politics, as your paper suggested. It had something to do with me, my severe grieving for my husband and my inability to accept that my husband was never coming home. Although it is none of the St. Petersburg Times business because the truth wouldn’t matter to you because it doesn't sell papers, but I told Billy I would never forgive him and he broke my heart because the day before he told me I needed to stop crying, that Dad was never coming back. It almost killed me to hear those words coming out of my sons mouth, even if they were true. So once again, your reporter was trying to make the public believe that two weeks after Bills death our family was fighting over politics. All he had to do was ask me why I said that, but he chose to improvise on a comment.
I know how bad the Democrats and you want a Democrat in my husbands vacant seat and that is your business. But tell me this, Do you have a soul? Where is your common decency? Why is it o.k. to DIG up a 30 year divorce and then suggest that Bill was less than a honest, hard working, decent man? Maybe the ex-wife was a less than a kind person. Maybe , she was less than a wife? Maybe you should have asked him why he left, why he never went back, but you never bothered while he was alive because back then it wasn’t important. You weren’t trying to control an election.
Shame on you for picking on the DEAD. That is a sin in the worse form.
PLEASE, PLEASE STOP SMEARING MY HUSBAND. He is gone, never to return. He is with his maker and cannot defend himself or his love for his family. HE WAS A GOOD MAN. YOU ALWAYS ENDODRSED HIM. YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID AND YOU KNOW HE HAD THE BEST INTEREST OF THIS COUNTRY AND THIS COUNTY. Continue to take cheap shots at me and my children, we don’t care, it causes great stress on our grandchildren at school, but why should you care about our grandchildren?
Let me tell you about Bill and I because obviously your investigators only want to dig up dirt.
I worked on the HHS subcommittee where Bill was on the committee. He asked me if I could drive him to Bethesda Naval Hospital as he had to have a little procedure. I took him, waited, and the little procedure became a bigger procedure. When he got out of surgery, his legs were still numb, he couldn’t walk. I asked him where his family was, should I call them. He said they were probably vacationing in North Carolina and told me not to bother them. I drove him home, helped him into his house. That wasn’t the first time something like that happened. I was there for him, always, Until the very end.
We both were ALONE, we both needed someone. We fell in Love. A beautiful, wonderful love.
We had 3 sons, we went on to adopt a fourth son. Bill was so proud of his sons. Those sons bore us 10 beautiful grandchildren. Two of our granddaughters, twins, died. We have another one on the way that Grandpa will never get to see.
We lost parents together, we lost my brother two years ago together, we buried our grandchildren together, we held a soldier and a sailor together while they died.
We were a real family, a good family, a loving family. Since your newspaper wants Alex Sink in so bad you have traded common decency in on THE BIG WIN. You might win an election but you won’t win an award for being compassionate. Since my husband has died your paper has caused our family so much grief that it is hard to grieve for the man we loved, for the man who died a very painful death.
Sir, it is a shame there are people like this on this earth and shame on Alex Sink for not putting a stop to your attacks on a family who is grieving over the death of their father and my husband. We are hurting, terribly. What part of that can your paper not comprehend? Bill didn’t die to feed your need for power, he died because the Lord called him home.
Continue with your attacks, you have already caused a tremendous amount of damage to my sons, me, my young grandchildren. I thank God every day that Bill doesn’t have to see what level you have sunk to to get your candidate elected.
Maybe one day you will find your way to the Bill Young Veterans Administrations Cemetery, it is a purposeful and serene environment and just maybe you will stop by Congressman C.W. Bill Youngs grave and say a prayer that one day, finally, he may rest in peace. I am sure if you do, you will see one of his family there, saying the same prayer, crying and grieving.


Beverly Young
Grieving (or trying to) widow of the late Congressman C.W. Bill Young

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