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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Beverly Young, widow of Bill Young, rips David Jolly for letting staff go



Beverly Young, the widow of C.W. Bill Young, is upset with David Jolly for not retaining her husband's legislative staff.

"When David Jolly met with Bill a couple days before he died they discussed Davids run for Bills seat. Bill told David he assumed he would win. He told David he would be smart to keep his staff, at least half of them so the transition would be smooth but also because they are part of the reason he had his job for 50 years. David told him he would keep them at least for a month except for maybe two," Mrs. Young wrote in a long email to friends and reporters.

(She said she plans to echo the remarks on WFLA Channel 8. UPDATE: The station has a story and video up in which Beverly Young, who campaigned for Jolly, said she no longer supports him.)

Mrs. Young is not known for subtlety or keeping her thoughts private. She infamously asked Charlie Crist and Jessica Ehrlich, who once ran against Young, not to attend Mr. Young's funeral. Now she has turned against Jolly.

"Bill spoke with several staffers before his death and told them that David would at least keep them for a month to transition. Most of them banked on that. ... Bill had around 12 staffers that tried texting, calling, e-mailing and calling David Jolly to ask if he was going to keep them and if they could send their resumes. He returned no calls. these same staffers were his colleagues at one point."

... "It is illegal for a candidate to offer a job or make a promise of employment while they are running, but the day David was elected he had a whole new staff in place and gave no respect to Congressmans Youngs staff. All he had to do was to return their calls and tell them he thanks for their service to Congressman Young but I hired all new people. They were not afforded that courtesy. Four of Bills staff are still unemployed, two have filed for un-employment, more money from our taxpayers. Christina is a breast cancer survivor and worked in Washington. She is a single mother. She sent David an email and said "I am not asking for a job, I am asking if you would possibly keep me on for a month while I find a job so I can keep my medical benefits". He didn't have the courtesy to even answer her. She just finally got a job last week.

"So when stones are going to be thrown at me for talking to the press, think about the 12 people that were treated like dirt, given no thanks for their hard work in Pinellas County and publicly humiliated on the day David announced his staff and none of them were on it but two."

Preston Rudie, Jolly's spokesman, wrote in an email: “Congressman Jolly has great respect for Mrs. Young and considers her a friend. Congressman Jolly has assembled a team that he believes can best serve the people of Pinellas County and that can continue the level of constituent service that Mr. Young was so rightfully known for. Congressman Jolly did not make any staffing decisions nor speak with staff candidates prior to his election on March 11.”

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