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Bill Young: GOP made political point, now 'it's time to legislate'

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UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: Democrats this evening tried to force a vote on a clean CR -- Washington jargon for a stop-gap budget that does not defund Obamacare -- and it was defeated by Republicans. The Democratic motion was ruled out of order and Republicans voted unanimously to sustain that. Young's spokesman said he would still vote for a straight-up budget measure.


Rep. C.W. Bill Young said House Republicans have made their political point on Obamacare but now it's time to move on.

"The politics should be over," he said in an interview a little while ago outside the House chamber. "It's time to legislate."

Young said he would support a "clean" stop-gap spending bill, one that does not defund or delay Obamacare, so that budget conferees could begin working on larger issues.

The veteran Pinellas County lawmaker joins a group of nearly 20 Republicans who say they would pass the continuing resolution with no strings attached. That would be enough to pass the measure, if all Democrats joined. But Speaker John Boehner hasn't allowed a vote and the House is pursuing a piecemeal approach.

Young, who has consistently voted against the health care law, said he told Boehner, "let's get on to legislating."

Asked about the pressure Boehner is under with the rise of the tea party, Young said: "He withstood the pressure for a long time. He finally has agreed to the outspoken minority of his conference. And they're pretty much in charge right now. .. When you don't have the votes in your own conference, then your leadership is very difficult."


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