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Bob Graham on 'Meet the Press' says he expects decision on missing 9/11 report pages by June



Former Sen. Bob Graham said Sunday that the Obama administration will decide by June whether to release a classified portion of the 9/11 report and left no doubt he thinks the Saudis played some role.

“The most important unanswered question of 9/11 is did these 19 people conduct this very sophisticated plot alone, or were they supported?” Graham said on Meet the Press

“I think it's implausible to think that people who couldn't speak English, had never been in the United States before, as a group were not well-educated could have done that. So who was the most likely entity to have provided them that support? And I think all the evidence points to Saudi Arabia. We know that Saudi Arabia started Al Qaeda. It was a creation of Saudi-- of Saudi Arabia.”

Host Chuck Todd asked, “And when you say Saudi Arabia, are you saying the government? Or are you saying wealthy individuals who happen to be Saudi Arabian?”

Graham: “That is a very murky line. Saudi Arabia has made it murky by its own legal action. Whenever a U.S. group sues a Saudi Arabian entity, whether it’s a bank, a foundation, a charity, immediately, the defense of sovereign immunity is raised. The Saudis don't recognize the difference between a royal decision and a societal decision in the same way that other countries might. So I think it covers a broad range, from the highest ranks of the kingdom through these, what would be private entities.”

Todd: “On a scale of one to ten, the release of these pages, how would you rate the impact on U.S. - Saudi relations if they go public?”

Graham: “7.838.”

Todd: “Very accurate there. So pretty, you think it will have a high level negative impact?”

Graham: “Yes.”

Todd: “You think you'll get these released?”

Graham: “I think so. The President's staff at least has said that they will make a decision by June. And I hope that decision is to honor the American people and make it available.”

[Last modified: Sunday, April 24, 2016 12:13pm]


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