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Bracing for defeat, Alan Grayson blasts 'corrupt party bosses,' Patrick Murphy's father



Alan Grayson's last gasp.

The liberal Democrat issued a final fundraising appeal today that rails against "gross party bias" and the big money influence of Patrick Murphy's father.

Here's the missive in full:

Corrupt party bosses controlling the un-Democratic Party are trying to steal this election. Don’t let it happen! Contribute to our unbought and unbossed Senate campaign today >>

We’ve all heard of examples of gross party bias in favor of some candidates and against others this year. But check out this chronology:

July 13: My primary opponent’s father contributes $1 million to the Senate Democrats’ Super PAC. It was the largest contribution that that Super PAC received during the entire month of July. No public announcement is made.

July 15: The same Super PAC announces that it will be spending $1 million in TV ads touting its endorsement of my primary opponent. The Washington Post calls it the party’s “first-ever television ads in a Democratic primary.” Still no public disclosure of the contribution from my opponent’s father, who literally bought and paid for the endorsement ad. Some Democratic Party flunky presumably pockets $150,000 in media “commissions” from the buy.

August 1: The endorsement ad runs for two weeks. The average voter in Orlando, my home town, sees it six times. The voters have no way to know that my opponent’s father paid for it, or that some party “media consultant” got a six-figure payday from it.

August 20: “The Hill,” an obscure DC news outlet, reports that my opponent’s father paid for the endorsement ad – 19 days after it stops running.

This is disgusting! Please contribute $3, and help us fight back! >>

We all have a choice to make – you, me and every other progressive in the country. The choice is this: leave the party whose bosses brutally mistreat progressive candidates all around the country, or stand and fight. Today, I have a primary election. I’m standing and I’m fighting.

I need you with me. Now, more than ever. Please donate to our cause. If we lose, the party’s over >>


Rep. Alan Grayson

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:43pm]


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