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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Alex Sink is OUTRAGED



Alex Sink e-mails her list:

It's not often you'll get an email from me that encourages you to watch a cheap, personal attack ad against me from the Republican Party of Florida. But you're getting one today.

 I ordered my campaign to send this Republican Party ad out statewide, so as many Floridians as possible can see firsthand just how offensively out-of-touch the Republican Party of Florida has become. The Republican Party's lack of respect for law enforcement officers and their families is on full display in this ridiculous video.  And I'm pretty mad about it.

 Watch the Republican Party's pathetic and offensive ad here.
The Republican Party can falsely and personally insult me all they want.  I expect it, and you'd better believe that I can take it.
But I will not -- not for even one, solitary second -- allow the Republican Party of Florida to get away with attacking and ridiculing Florida's law enforcement officers.

You and I know the Republican Party of Florida will do or say just about anything to win an election.  You and I know the Republican Party of Florida will do or say just about anything to change the subject from a federal investigation into the massive credit card scandal among their leaders.

 But attacking our sworn law enforcement officers is out of bounds.
Here's the background behind the Republican ad:

This week, Republicans in the Florida Legislature launched an outrageous attempt to deny the sworn law enforcement officers in my department the tactical weapons we purchase to keep them safe in a dangerous job.  You can read all about it here.

Well, just yesterday -- the same day the Republican Party of Florida unleashed this ugly ad -- one of our fraud investigators arrested a man in Tampa on charges of committing PIP Insurance Fraud.  And that man... had a gun in his car.

 Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line to protect the people of Florida every single day.  They deserve our gratitude and respect. But, instead, the Republican Party of Florida subjects them to insults and ridicule.
The words that came to mind when I saw this outrageous attack on our law enforcement officers aren't fit for print.  Suffice it to say: I am beyond offended when I see even one of Florida's law enforcement officers mocked this way.

 So, send this ad to everyone you know.  Let the people of Florida see just how low the Republican Party of Florida is willing to go.
I will not stand by while the Republican Party of Florida mocks our law enforcement officers.

And I know you won't either.

Thank you for taking a moment to give this your attention,

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