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Allen Cox vs Jim Greer



We neglected to post the hard-hitting note former state GOP vice chairman Allen Cox sent to executive committee members before Friday's meeting (where they took some of his advance). Here it is, followed by Jim Greer's response:



Duty calls, and the corporate warrior knows well the endless path of airline flights, strange hotels with short stays, and lousy food on the road.  Whoever said travel is an adventure?

Certainly not Jim Greer, now infamous former Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, looking out for Florida Republican interests across this great land. Consider one brief segment of his duty-filled Chairmanship: the ten-day period of July 28 to August 8, 2009.

That the Republican National Committee (RNC) was holding a Board  meeting in San Diego was an understood and accepted reason for Greer and his  usual entourage of staff to travel to the West Coast, not that the RPOF Executive Board was ever informed. But has anyone noticed how conveniently the  trip coincided with Charlie Crist U.S. Senate campaign fund-raising occasions in Beverly Hills, Aspen, and Las Vegas? Did anyone suspect that Greer  would spend close to $10,000 indulging himself and his entourage on "normal RPOF  business", or was it really to be in place to support the Crist money machine,  which we now know Greer and Delmar had a secret contract to rake off a 10%  commission?

July 28th found Greer jetting to San Diego ($900.20), and having dinner  at Butler's Beach House ($248.32), staying at Hyatt-San Diego for three nights ($1275.36). RNC members report that Greer was not in attendance at any of the  scheduled meetings while there. But he and his entourage of staff found time to  attend a Padres game ($300), and play golf at Torrey Pines ($382.70).

But duty called, so Greer whisked away on July 31, on a separately  purchased a ticket ($1977.40) to Aspen, Colorado for a Crist fund-raiser, as a quick side-trip before returning to Los  Angeles.

There, Greer. enjoyed dinner at the up-scale Mr. Chow's  restaurant in Beverly Hills ($1094.38), then subsequently dined at Wolfgang Von  Puck's Cut & Sidebar restaurant ($898.21). He found time to send flowers to somebody ($68.98). And for the four days in Beverly Hills assisting the Crist  fund-raising, he must have had some pretty nice wheels from Beverly Hills  Rent-A-Car. ($1994.39)

Then Greer was off on a side trip to Las Vegas for two days, where gambling interests were bending the ear of the Crist for Senate campaign, and  bending their check-books, too, since gambling was a sure-fire hot topic in  Florida, what with the Seminoles and all. Must have been a pretty important  occasion, since Delmar flew in ($1816.40) to be with his boss and collect the checks for Victory Strategies,LLC, their secret company for Crist Federal campaign national fund-raising.

From there , Greer was back to Orlando to be ready for the next national call to duty to help Florida's Republican  Party.

Maybe the time is way over-due for every expenditure, contract  and credit card, to be laid before the public, and a chance of absolution and a  fresh start can be granted to the honest, hard-working volunteers that ARE the Republican Party. RPOF can dribble info until hell freezes over, and the damaged-goods of the Republican  name will continue.

Time for full disclosure, since with the Crist veto of the Legislature's financial reform bill, that  means the RPOF will continue to be the steward of all campaign funds for at least another  year.

Time for the Crist  campaign who used Greer as a front-man and Delamr as a bag-man to  repay the RPOF for the wasted hundreds of thousands  which was soley to  support Crist for U.S. Senate.

Executive Board, State Committee :  put out all  the information on all the card holders AND  fat insider contracts, and lets be done with this slow catharsis.  Full disclosure......not damage control....stand  up Republican Executive Board!!

Allen  Cox
Former Vice Chairman, RPOF, 2007-2009
Former Chairman, RPOF Budget Committee,  2003-2009

Jim Greer's response:

"Allen Cox's recent tirade was another distortion of facts for political purposes. As Chairman I did travel a great deal promoting the Republican Party, meeting with current or potential donors, Republican leaders and supporting the Governor as the titular head of our Party. While Mr Cox has never been a supporter of mine or the Governor,  I make no apologies for my support or loyalty to Governor Crist as he raised millions of dollars for the Republican Party and never failed to answer the call to support the Florida or National GOP. The recent email from Mr. Cox does not surprise me as this is the same man that was actively disloyal as my Vice Chairman of the party for three years, the same man that opposed my efforts to discipline party leaders who exhibited inappropriate and racially charged behavior, the same man legislative leaders told me should be expelled from the party for his disruptive behavior and finally the same man that as budget and audit committee chairman had no concerns about RPOF expenditures until it was politically advantageous for him to do so."

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