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And DiMatteo attacked too; Guetzloe plays the Nazi card



Controversial activist/consultant Doug Guetzloe takes aim at state GOP candidate Tony DiMatteo:


Dear RPOF Committee member:
As the decision to elect our new RPOF chairman quickly approaches, there is one very important matter that should receive your consideration as you prepare to vote for a new Chairman.

The shadow of Jim Greer is still a long one over the RPOF. There are those who courageously stood up for what was right and there are those that were complicit in the underhanded and corrupt ways of Jim Greer and Delmar Johnson.

One of those that was clearly carrying out the wishes of Greer and Johnson was Tony DiMatteo. DiMatteo participated in the Greer purge of 2009 as the lackey Chairman of the so-called "Grievance Committee" convened by Greer to rid the Party of those that were "trouble-makers."
Of the dozen or so party officials elected by the Republicans within their precincts, I was included in this witch hunt.

This last vestige of the "Greer Era" continues as a black eye on the RPOF and those that participated in this Nazi-like purge led by Tony DiMatteo.
When many of us called for a full forensic audit and a full accounting of the RPOF funds in early 2009, we were met with derision and distaste by most of the same people who today condemn Jim Greer and Delmar Johnson. Two years ago though, these same Greer supporters were lambasting me and other GOP colleagues who were standing on principle and asking for an honest RPOF and an honest US Senate Primary that would allow those of us who supported Marco Rubio early to participate without reprisal.

I have been a Republican my entire life. In 1972 I was the youngest member of any Florida REC when I was sworn into membership of the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee two weeks after I became 18 and the same day that the amendment lowering the vote to 18 became law on July 1, 1972. I have assisted GOP candidates, both professionally and as a volunteer since 1968. I have been elected and re-elected as a precinct committeeman since 1972. I have always been a member of the Republican wing of the Republican Party. If interested in my GOP credentials, I've attached my bio for your review.

Bottom line: all of the 13 or so GOP REC members (most are members of the Republican Liberty Caucus) that were purged by Jim Greer for voicing open opposition to him and his clearly illegal spending practices should be reinstated by the new leadership of RPOF.

And lest we forget, Tony DiMatteo and his credentials committee did exactly as ordered by Jim Greer two years ago. Accountability and individual responsibility for advancing Greer's corrupt agenda should be a consideration in Saturday's vote.

The old mantra of "just following orders" is not acceptable. DiMatteo could have taken the correct action and supported free speech and the First Amendment and he chose not to.

We have several very fine candidates for Chairman and one exceptional candidate for Vice Chairman (Allen Cox) - DiMatteo isn't one of them.


Doug Guetzloe

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