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An apology



In a lame attempt at humor, I tweeted something earlier today that I shouldn't have. I apologize.


State Rep. Jennifer Carroll put out a statement about it. Here's the release from the state Republican party:

Tallahassee – Representative Jennifer Carroll, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida’s African American Leadership Council released the following statement regarding comments made today by St. Petersburg Times reporter Adam Smith through his Twitter account.

“In the 21 st   Century, more than a year after our nation elected its first African American president and taking into account the ever-growing number of African Americans achieving the highest levels of success in education, business, law, politics and countless other fields, I find it absolutely appalling that one of our esteemed journalists would have such a myopic view of African Americans. African Americans are completely embraced the Republican Party and are valued as a great asset for diversifying the ideas and intellect of our Party. In this free Republic, African Americans can assemble and participate in any organization they desire. Assembling of African Americans in any venue, regardless of who is meeting in that location should not astonish any one, let alone a seemingly open minded reporter.” 

Background: Adam Smith today posted the following comment to his Twitter account:

“AdamSmithTimes: U know you’re at the wrong Rosen hotel for FL GOP confab, when lobby loaded with Af-Amercns checking in.”

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