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With a base like this...



Stoller We thought this piece on the war between Congressional Democrats and their anti-war base was especially timely after chatting the other day with liberal blogger Matt Stoller, the president of BlogPac who gave his glowing take of the convention here. The 29-year-old former Miami resident's not a big fan of some Florida Democrats:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "She gave $1,000 to Dan Lipinski...He's an extraordinarily conservative Democrat, a Rush Limbaugh listener in a plus-10 Democratic district. I don't know if she's progressive or not, but I have my doubts where her loyalty lies. I don't believe these people any more." She seems to have charmed him into softening his skepticism, based on his post on the event linked above.

Allen Boyd: "He's awful. There's no question he's a terrible congressman. He's a terrible person...Lots of people are dead because of the moral cowardice of these people." A few minutes later Buzz asked Steny Hoyer about the influence of MoveOn and the liberal netroots on the party and, while he repeated his condemnation of MoveOn for its Gen. Betray Us ad, he spoke of how much the party appreciates such activists. The feeling wasn't exactly mutual from Stoller:

"The Democrats themselves are beholden to corrupt campaign donors and corrupt industries, particularly the Blue Dogs, the Bush Dogs. But also the leadership. I mean Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emanuel are horrible....These are not principled people. They don't care what the public thinks. Thet believe that their problem is they haven't explained enough their successes to the public . That's literally what they think. They're getting 11% approval ratings and they're like, 'The propblem is we're not telling them about all the great things we're doing.' It's crazy."

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