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Bill Nelson's new TV ad accuses Connie Mack of doing special interest favors



Bill Nelson's Senate campaign has a new ad accusing rival Rep. Connie Mack of using his position to do favors for special interests. The ad is based on a Tampa Tribune story that looked at Mack's work on a resolution to punish Ecuador for fining Chevron oil for environmental damages.

Below, the Mack response:

Here is the release the Mack team put out in reaction to the ad:

Senator Bill Nelson believes the interests of Argentina’s dictatorship are more important than the rights of Americans.

That is the only conclusion one can draw from Nelson’s latest attack ad which highlights legislation Mack introduced to force the government of Argentina to comply with U.S. Court decisions that rule in favor of American businesses that have been harmed by the actions of the Argentinian government. 

Of Nelson’s mind-numbing defense of Argentina, Republican Senate candidate, and Chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee in Congress, Connie Mack stated:

“It is shocking – absolutely shocking – that Bill Nelson is so out-of-touch that he would air a TV ad attacking me for defending American business interests from the harmful and illegal actions of Argentina’s dictatorship.

“What’s next? Is Bill Nelson going to defend Hugo Chavez for nationalizing U.S. business interests in Venezuela?

“The people of Florida deserve to know why Bill Nelson’s fighting and crying for Argentina instead of America. It’s wrong. It's liberal. And sadly, it's Bill Nelson."

Despite the false attacks in Nelson’s ad, Mack’s legislation serves to protect all Americans doing business in foreign countries. If not addressed, Argentina's actions will set a dangerous precedent where a corrupt, law-breaking nation, while ignoring U.S. and international court judgments against it, can get away with refusing to pay U.S. citizens who risked their money and family's livelihood on what they thought were safe investments.


As Chairman of the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee, Mack fought to update previous bipartisan legislation to address Argentina’s continued abuse of U.S. businesses and investors through its 1) failure to uphold U.S. court judgments, 2) disregard of judgments from the World Bank tribunal, and 3) financial corruption and deficiencies in combating financing of terrorism and anti-money laundering systems which cause increased security concerns in our shared Hemisphere.

H.R. 1798 serves to protect all Americans from countries that do business, issue securities, or borrow money in the United States, and then fail to satisfy U.S. court judgments totaling $100,000,000 or more.

[Last modified: Thursday, October 11, 2012 7:02pm]


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