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Castor's superdelegate thinking



The Democratic Congresswoman from Tampa and uncommitted superdelegate Castor shared her thinking with us. The full Q&A runs in Sunday's Perspective section. Castor:

"I was very interested in the election results in my congressional district, and Sen. Obama won my congressional district. That’s going to be a very important factor, how the folks that I represent voted. It’s not the determining factor, but it is one very important factor.  I would hope that all the super delegates take their responsibility very seriously, and certainly every super delegate that’s a member of Congress should be considering who their districts voted for. But it’s not a determining factor...Another factor is which candidate can be most successful in November and which candidate has a vision for this country. Another factor is their interest in how we provide health care in Hillsborough County. How they see that fitting into their future policy plans."

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