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Is Charlie Crist the new Tom Gallagher?



Gallagher Cristobama Read the following e-mail from Charlie Crist smacking Barack Obama's and Nancy Pelosi's big government policies. Ask yourself if it doesn't remind you just a teensy bit of Tom Gallagher's dubious campaign line about being the true conservative in the primary against Charlie Crist.


 Dear Republican Leaders: 

As we approach the RPOF Quarterly Meeting and the much anticipated Drive the Discussion Exchange and Statesman’s Dinner, I wish to thank each of you for your service to our Party.   Never before have we as Republicans had a greater opportunity to distinguish between our beliefs in government’s role in our individual lives, from the beliefs of the Democrats.  The decisions made by President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have put our nation on a path that will have long lasting economic and social repercussions for generations to come. 

As a lifelong Republican, I believe that government’s role must be limited, so as Governor, I fight for the principles which our Party has long stood upon – less government, less taxes and more freedom.  I have demonstrated my commitment to our Party and to all Floridians by lowering property taxes by an estimated $25 billion over five years. The single largest tax cut in Florida history.  

I have cut state spending by over $7 billion and utilized my veto pen to eliminate millions of dollars in wasteful spending. This philosophy in governing is not only at the core of the Republican Party’s beliefs, but has also been noted by the CATO Institute, in which I had the honor of being recognized as the most fiscally conservative Governor in the nation. 

Throughout Florida, we continue to focus on and improve Florida’s education system.  My administration has also enhanced our Explore Adoption program, which has provided approximately 10,500 foster children with permanent, loving homes.  

As Governor, I have a responsibility to all Floridians, but my commitment to the values and principles of the Republican Party will always be the foundation on which my decisions are based.  Now more than ever, our Party must be unified. If we are to grow and win elections, working together is imperative.  The Party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan has always believed that we must be inclusive. As we face our nation’s current challenges, we must encourage participation by all who have a common goal of making the Republican Party stronger.  

As Carole and I look forward to this weekend, I will be taking steps to insure that Floridians are prepared as we monitor the activity in the Tropics. Finally, as you are aware, I now have before me one of the most important decisions as your Governor, which is to appoint a person to serve the remainder of Senator Mel Martinez’s term. I welcome the counsel of each of you this coming weekend, as I reach this decision. 

Warmest Regards,

Charlie Crist  

[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 3:58pm]


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