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Charlie Crist rips Marco Rubio's "hair cut"



A fired up Charlie Crist today charmed a hometown crowd in St. Petersburg, and made it abundantly clearBarberShopwe'll be hearing a lot about Marco Rubio's credit card spending in the coming months. Standing on the deck at Ovation condos, Crist called his longtime barber, Carl Troup, to his side.

"My opponent for about a year has been running around Florida, buzzing all over the place, telling everybody what a fiscal conservative he is. But what you need to know is the truth. It's just not the truth. The guy got a credit card from the Republican party of Florida, and he charged a hair cut for $135. Unbelievable. I get my hair cut from this guy for eleven bucks,'' Crist said, putting an arm around Troup and then taking off a loafer and raising it in the air. "These shoes that I'm wearing? I've had them about eight years. I just get them re-soled. I'm cheap. Carole will tell you. Don't you want somebody in office you can trust, that is frugal, that is careful with your money and will watch the treasury cautiously? That's what I'll give you and the other guy won't. He's full of baloney."

Rubio said Thursday his $135 charge to a men's barber shop was not for a hair cut but " a bunch of other stuff that was for a silent auction."

More Crist today: "...I've gotten upset lately because my opponent hasn't been honest with you. And that means he's not being honest with the people I love and work for. That ain't right, and I'm not going to stand by and let that happen....That's what this campaign's about. It's about getting our country back, doing what's right for the people, putting people in office that understand that you're the boss. They're not the boss, they're not entitled, they don't get credit cards and charge $135 haircuts...Public servants are supposed to serve with a servants heart. That's what's supposed to drive people in government, not all the fancy stuff they can get."

"Most governors run for re-election. I'll tell you why - it's a cool job. It really is fun, and you get a nice house. They call it the governors mansion, but I call it the people's house because that's what it is literally. And you get flown around on a state jet that I hardly ever use. But I'm not running for stuff. I'm running for America and Florida, I'm running to make a difference, and I'm running for you. And I tell you what: We're going to win this campaign. I know it, I see it, I feel it. I have felt it this past month like never before. Because we're on it now. We are laser focused on it now. And nobody can beat us when we're like that."

[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 12:25pm]


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