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'Cheating. Hilarious.' Rick Scott cuts radio ad mocking Alex Sink over debate cheat



Republican Rick Scott is planning a radio ad mocking Democrat Alex Sink for peeking at a mobile phone during the debate Monday.
Here's the transcript: 

PAM: So….you’re the only house on the cul de sac without a sign. Who’s it going to be? Sink or Scott?

LYNN: That’s me…Miss Undecided.

PAM: How are you gonna decide? Did you watch the debate?


PAM:  Yeah

LYNN: I did.

PAM: Did you see Alex Sink get caught cheating?

LYNN: You mean when CNN caught her breaking the debate rules and getting a note from her coach?

PAM: Cheating. Hilarious.

LYNN: Here’s what’s not funny. Alex Sink’s debate coach…is a lobbyist.

PAM: The same guy who gave her the note in the debate?

LYNN: Yep. He’s a lobbyist for the insurance industry that Sink is supposed to be regulating.

PAM: That’s who’s pulling Alex Sink’s strings? Lobbyists...And it looked like Sink needed some MORE coaching.

LYNN: She DID have trouble explaining all her new spending…right about that.

PAM: If Alex Sink is gonna spend billions more…you know who’s going to pay for it….

LYNN: We are.

PAM: Reminds me of another candidate we saw not so long ago.

LYNN: Hmmmm. You’re right about that. Barack Obama.

PAM: Hope. Change. And here’s the big spending.

LYNN: That’s Alex Sink.

ANNCR: Political advertisement paid for by Rick Scott, Republican for Governor.

[Last modified: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 4:45pm]


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