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Connie Mack: Student loan interest rates are distraction from economic issues



UPDATE: The George LeMieux campaign jumped on this: “Today, Connie Mack the Fourth showed he’s unable to properly answer a basic policy question, proving again he is unfit and unprepared to be a United States Senator,” said Anna Nix, spokeswoman for LeMieux. “When asked about his position on legislation to stop a doubling of interest rates on college loans, Mack changed the subject and refused to answer. Truth is, we may never know where Mack stands on this important legislation, as he has a history of missing politically sensitive votes. POLITICO reported last week Mack, ‘has missed 41 percent of all House votes so far in 2012.’ Stay tuned for the Mack campaign’s inevitable ‘Operation: Clean Up.’”

George LeMieux issued a statement: “Florida needs more college graduates, not fewer. Letting the interest rate double on student loans during a down economy is unconscionable. According to an analysis by the Associated Press, more than half of current college graduates nationally are unemployed or underemployed. Now is not the time to hit struggling college students with arbitrarily set, higher interest rates.”

The DSCC also weighed in: "Between all his flip flops on the Ryan Budget and his flippant remarks on student loan interest rates, Connie Mack is proving to be completely untrustworthy and grossly out of touch with the struggles of Florida’s middle-class families. In the past twenty four hours, Mack has taken his sixth different position on the Republican budget plan to gut Medicare in order to protect tax breaks for Big Oil and the wealthiest Americans. If that wasn’t enough, Mack went on national TV this morning and implied that Florida families don’t care about student loan interest rates that help kids go to college. In 2007, Mack twice voted against the original version of the legislation that is now up for an extension that lowered interest rates on student loans."

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U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV appeared on The Daily Rundown today, where he criticized the GOP House budget plan crafted by Paul Ryan as too timid and not balancing the budget sooner. Chuck Todd asked him whether, likes Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, he supports a proposal to extend lower interest rates on student loans, but Mack wouldn't touch it.


"I want to talk about what's happening here in the state of Florida...People are concerned about their homes and jobs. That is the issue," Mack said, declining to say how he'll vote and suggesting it's a low priority issue for Floridians

"You don't think anybody's concerned about their student loan interest rate?," Todd asked.

"We will absolutley be able to cast a vote, and when that happens we'll be happy to do so," Mack responded.

[Last modified: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 4:31pm]


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